Why EP Accreditation for Your Programs Matters

Why EP Accreditation for Your Programs Matters

Competition amongst students for good-paying jobs after graduation can be fierce. 

ECO Canada offers advice and online courses to gain students the upper hand in securing rewarding careers. Being proactive today helps your long-term prospects down the road. 

The Environmental Professional (EP) designation is available at select schools across the country. It’s a desirable title within the environmental community and offers a support system for the students and schools affiliated with it. 


What’s Good for Students, Benefits the School 

The only people more competitive than today’s young job seekers, are those in charge of academic institutions. 

What will it take to convince all those enthusiastic, green-minded students to enroll at your institution?

Several factors influence the decision to enroll at one school over another. A significant consideration is how well connected a program is connected to its industry and those businesses that are hiring. 

EP accreditation boasts an impressive network of contacts across the country. 


Gaining an Advantage

Environmental Professional (EP) accreditation is an appealing designation for a generation well attuned to the importance of environmental protection. 

A bachelor’s degree and an EP designation speak volumes to an applicant’s suitability for a position. From an employer’s point of view, having that EP might be the deciding factor when choosing between candidates. 

Nationally recognized accreditation can be a crucial marketing tool in your environmental course descriptions.

ECO Canada will help your institution join others already offering Environmental Professional in-training accreditation. 

Curious about the types of courses it includes? ECO is happy to answer your questions.


What’s Involved in Enrolling Your School?  

If you’re a Dean, Academic Director, Department Head, or Program Authority, you’re invited to download the application form on our Get Started with Accreditation page. 

The next step will involve three separate visits to your school by academic representatives, an EP (Environmental Professional), and a member of our accreditation team. 

The Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC) meets twice annually to determine which schools will be accredited. Once approved, accreditation is valid for seven years. 


Why Become EP Accredited?

ECO Canada is an excellent resource for students working towards a career in environmental sciences, technology, wildlife management or a related field. 

Accreditation opens up a world of learning opportunities for both students and faculty. Each has a partner to provide them with the industry’s latest, most relevant information.

Not only do students have the chance to earn their diploma, degree, or certificate from your institution, but they will have the added support that comes with studying as an Environmental Professional in-training student (EPt). 


Who’s Already Accredited? 

Schools across Canada are enjoying the benefits of affiliating themselves with the EP designation. It provides additional validation of their programs and a stamp of approval from working professionals. Students can be sure any accredited schools are committed to upholding the highest academic standards.


Here is a list of just some of the schools with EP accreditation:

  • Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia
  • University of Calgary
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Toronto (Mississauga and Scarborough)
  • Vanier College in Montréal
  • Nova Scotia Community College 


Interest in environmental programs continues to surge year after year. There are 33 schools in Canada whose programs currently meet the required standards of excellence. 

Doesn’t your school deserve to be added to the list? Students interested in environmental studies want schools with connections to the industry they are pursuing. Put your school in the advantageous position of applying for accreditation today. 

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