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Construction Technology

Construction Technology covers all the bases of today’s industry; building science, indoor air quality and healthy indoor environments, air sealing and insulation, and mechanical systems. The house works as a system made up of different components and equipment that are affected by heat, moisture and air flows. Take a deeper dive into the components and dynamics of the whole system.

Module 1: What is Construction Technology?

  • Construction Technology
  • Building Science
  • Sustainability

Module 2: Building Components & Systems

  • Foundations
  • Walls & Floors

Module 3: Moisture Management

  • Keeping Moisture Off, Out, and Away

Module 4: House As A System

  • Heat Flow
  • Air Flow
  • Moisture Flow

Module 5: Indoor Air Quality

  • Sources
  • Symptoms
  • Solutions

Module 6: Healthy Housing

  • Materials
  • Combustion Spillage
  • Radon

Module 7: Fundamentals of Air Sealing

  • Purpose of Air Sealing
  • Types of Barriers
  • Approaches
  • Air Sealing Materials

Module 8: Strategies for Air Sealing

  • Air Sealing Issues
  • Foundations
  • Walls & Floors
  • Ceilings & Roofs

Module 9: Fundamentals of Insulation

  • Properties of Insulation
  • R-value
  • Insulation Materials

Module 10: Strategies for Insulating

  • Below Grade
  • Above Grade
  • Ceilings

Module 11: Fundamentals of Windows & Doors

  • Window & Door Anatomy
  • Comfort Factors
  • Window Performance
  • Doors

Module 12: Fundamentals of Energy

  • Occupant Comfort
  • Fuel & Energy Sources
  • Heat Loss/Heat Gain

Module 13: Mechanical Systems Overview

  • Space Heating
  • Space Cooling
  • Delivery Systems

Module 14: Ventilation Requirements

  • Why Ventilate?
  • F-326 Standard
  • System

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