From Theory to Practice: Water Management in an Integrated World

In partnership with SAIT,  learn more about integrated water management and how it works in the real world.


Speaker: Flora Giesbrecht
Watershed Coordinator for the Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP)

Flora Giesbrecht has been the Watershed Coordinator for the Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) since the fall of 2013. With a science background and collaborative persona, Flora aims to share hydrologic knowledge with a broad audience, with a key goal in protecting the Elbow watershed’s freshwater. When not engaged in the "water world", Flora enjoys cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking with her family and friends, and painting. Flora is excited to showcase the ERWP’s latest State of the Watershed report in this webinar.
Facilitator: Pieter Aukes

Pieter enjoys all things water and data. Growing up in Calgary, he spent his time out along the Bow River and in the mountains. He studied Environmental Science at the University of Calgary before heading to the University of Waterloo to learn more about hydrogeology and geochemistry. Pieter continued with a PhD at the University of Waterloo as a Garfield Weston Northern Scholar, researching the biogeochemical effects of climate change on water quality. Spending time up in the arctic and working with different people both on and off the land illustrated the importance of communicating science in different ways. Pieter has a passion for pairing graphic design, science, data, and humour when talking about water-related issues or Canada’s beautiful North. He is currently an instructor in the Integrated Water Management Program at SAIT, and can be found biking the trails or creating graphs with his toddler.
Speaker: Jen Pouliotte
Senior Water Resources Planner with The City of Calgary

Jen Pouliotte is currently working on the implementation and adaptive management of The City’s Source Water Protection Plan and Policy. Prior to this she has worked in areas related to sustainability policy, ecosystem recovery planning, climate change adaptation, and international development. Before arriving in Calgary three years ago, she’s worked and lived in Ontario, Switzerland, Washington State, and British Columbia. She was an Environmental Planner for a Washington State Agency called the Puget Sound Partnership that coordinated ecosystem recovery efforts for the Puget Sound estuary. Prior to that she was a Senior Policy Analyst working on advancing climate adaptation in British Columbia with the BC Government’s Climate Action Secretariate. She’s (sorta) adapting to the wild weather of the Calgary region and can be spotted trying to coax her two young kids on adventures in the mountains. Jen will join us on May 26 to showcase a project about watershed planning for drinking water protection
Speaker: Ken Kress
Principal Engineer at Wood PLC

Mr. Ken Kress graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1975. Most of Mr. Kress’s now over 45-year career has been devoted to working on surface water projects located within the Western Prairie Region of Canada. Mr. Kress has also ventured abroad, providing specialist water resource project advisory services in numerous countries including Egypt, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Suriname and China. Mr. Kress currently works with Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions as a specialist manager, designer and advisor for multi-discipline water resource projects, with an emphasis on the design of water storage dams, flood and drought management, and irrigation system design. Ken will be speaking to the Bow River Reservoir Options Initiative, a potential new dam and reservoir project being considered on the Bow River, located upstream of Calgary, for the purposes of reducing flood and drought risk, and improving water management capability.

This webinar will take place on May 26th from 12:00 pm MST to 1:00 pm MST

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