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National Virtual Environmental Career Fair

Thank you to everyone who attended our Virtual Career Fair on August 25, 2021. Each year,  the National Virtual Career Event brings together leading innovative organizations, HR experts, educators, and practitioners in the environmental sector.

This year we had over 1300 attendees, 23 prominent organizations and 6 live webinar presentations on topics ranging from tips to Ace Your Video Job Interview to Creating an Inclusive Environment for Indigenous Workers.

This was not just “another virtual event”. Our interactive career fair platform recreated the look and feel of a face-to-face job fair.

A Greener Economic
Recovery for Canada

Canada’s overall labour market has partially recovered from the initial COVID-19 lockdown with an unemployment rate of 8.8% at the end of 2020 – this rate is still higher than when we entered the decade at 5.6%. 

However, environmental employment actually increased slightly! 35k net new jobs were added and our updated forecasts reveal that environmental employment could increase by 17% by 2025. Attending this career fair will give you more insight into job opportunities and HR trends.

ECO Canada’s
Digital Reach

ECO Canada can provide you with coast-to-coast exposure and visibility for your brand through our extensive network of environmental professionals and employers.




August 25th
9am - 4pm MST



Info for Attendees: Registration Open

No planes, trains, or automobiles are required, and at the end of the day, you sleep in your own bed. This is a chance to connect, have a conversation, learn more about your potential employer – is there a fit.

Our virtual career fair is free to attend and a great way to interact with Canada’s environmental workforce. To get the most out of your experience:

In addition to the employers who will be there, we offer a day of informational webinars on a diverse range of topics.

Who Should Attend?

Info for Employers

Our virtual career fair is designed to help you meet qualified talent across Canada. The v-Fairs platform will ensure that you have the best opportunities to make the right connections and interact effectively at our event.

The virtual career fair will bring together environmental professionals and job seekers from across the country, providing an opportunity for you to start promoting or actively recruit for permanent or internship/co-op positions.

Showcase your organization to Canada’s top environmental professionals, transitioning workers, job seekers, recent graduates, and students.

Booth Opportunity

Fully customized and branded virtual booths. Download the application to exhibit.

Meet our 2021 Participating Employers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual career fairs have surfaced as a dynamic solution to help employers in breaking free from all the limitations of the traditional hiring events. By providing a 3-D online platform, employers and job seekers can now connect in a virtual setting mimicking the feel of a physical event, but without the restricting attributes known to be a source of frustration for recruiters.

The deadline for exhibitors to sign up for the Virtual Career Fair is August 19th. This is to give us time to set up your virtual booth before the event begins.

The Career Fair will be on August 25th, from 9AM – 4PM MST.

We are using vFairs virtual career fair platform. vFairs is a virtual events platform that helps organizations of all sizes to take their events online and connect & engage audiences at scale using tools like live webinars, group chat, private 1:1 chat & digital content.

Our career fair platform requires no downloads or Flash, are 100% mobile-friendly and work on all modern browsers.

The Virtual Career Fair is free for attendees. We have a number of partnership opportunities available for employers looking to exhibit and the event.

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of our Virtual Career fair:

  • Upload your resume – your resume should be concise, clean and current. Upload your resume to our platform when you register so that you are ready to engage with employers.
  • Do your research – Research the companies who will be there, identify the ones that interest you the most and do some reading before the event.
  • Dress like you are attending a face-to-face event – look professional and well groomed to help give employers the right impression.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare – Preparation is key. Practice your elevator pitch to help you have smooth interactions with employers.
  • Create a reminder – It is easy to forget about webinars and virtual events. Set a reminder t make sure that you don’t miss out.
  • Follow up – It is so important to send a follow up to any and all employers that you talk to on the day. This will help you remain fresh in the minds of recruiters.

In addition to the 20+ employers who will be there we are also offer a program of informational webinars on a diverse range of topics.

Yes. All of our webinar sessions will be recorded and available to attendees on demand up to 1 month after the career fair ends.