A Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste

Learn more about Zero Waste, why it’s important, and how you can implement less wasteful practices into your daily life.

Expert: Jamie Kaminski
President & Zero Waste Business Associate (ZWA, TRUE Advisor)

Jamie’s experience is in solid waste management from both a ground level as well as from a policymaking perspective. Jamie’s area of expertise lies within internationally accepted Zero Waste policies and programs including Zero Waste training, education, and Certification development.   Jamie works with fellow policy advisors to create strong, practical and enforceable policies and programs that drive change towards Zero Waste. With 30 years of active engagement in the waste diversion industry working for HSR, Jamie has developed extensive experience in understanding how regional policies and bylaws affect the existing waste management system from the perspective of the service provider, the client, as well as the region as a whole.   As the lead policy advisor for Zero Waste Canada, Jamie represents the primary reference point for Zero Waste policies nationwide.

Topics will include:

  • An overview of the global problem of waste, its impact on our planet, and why it is an urgent issue to address 
  • The concept of Zero Waste and key strategies to incorporate Zero Waste practices into your lifestyle 
  • An introduction to Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) and the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA)
  • Insight into Zero Waste Canada’s opportunities for businesses, non-profits, and individuals to get involved with Zero Waste initiatives and be part of the change 

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60 Minutes
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Junior to Mid-Career, Mid-Career
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