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Discover Career Pathways, Environmental Employment Trends, and Characteristics of the Environmental Sector

For over 20 years, ECO Canada has been studying the environmental labour market to find trends and opportunities in the sector. Our expertise can help you make informed decisions whether you are a policymaker, job seeker, academic researcher or student. Learn more about our research and resources below.

Our labour market information (LMI) helps employers identify training and upskilling requirements, and job seekers approach career planning with valuable industry insight.

Job Market Trends

The interactive platform is updated regularly to provide yearly and quarterly insights.

Environmental Workforce 101

Part of our objective as a leader in labour market research is to name the jobs and career profiles within the environmental space to give you a clear picture of the work that is carried out in the name of responsible, economic growth in Canada.

Get exclusive access to our career profiles, environmental reports, and additional resources.

Labour Market Resources

Our labour market information (LMI) spans intelligence on the current and future labour market, dedicated reports on relevant topics such as the green economy and clean technology. This has led to the creation of the National Occupational Standards, the only guide to detail the skills and knowledge environmental professionals need to succeed.

This research helps employers identify training and upskilling requirements, and job seekers approach career planning with valuable industry insight. Our research is funded by the Government of Canada and adheres to strict guidelines. 

How Competitive is Your Organization?

Compensation is still the key motivator for employees to stay with an organization or choose one position over another. Our benchmarking guide will help you ensure that your organization is prepared to meet the challenges of the labour market with the right tools in place.

Blog Articles

Find the latest industry news of Canada’s environmental workforce, including topics such as career development best practices, industry trends, latest labour market findings, and more.

National Occupational Standards

 Our National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe the acceptable skills and knowledge required of environmental professionals in the areas of core knowledge, transferable competencies, and shared knowledge.

Career Best Practice Guides and Resources

Explore our library of eBooks, Program Guides, Brochures, Videos and Other Resources.

Custom Workshops for Your Team

If you don’t see anything that fits the learning needs of your team, we can customize a training package for small and large groups. Sessions are currently held virtually using quality platforms and experiential designs.

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