Youth in Natural Resources

Matching Youth and Natural Resource Sector Employers

ECO Canada, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, provides wage funding for employers looking to onboard young professionals for full-time work placements and job training.

This program offers eligible employers salary coverage to create jobs within the natural resources sectors to protect the environment and have a positive environmental outcome. Natural resource sectors include: the Energy Sector, Forest Sector, Mining, Minerals & Metals Sector, and Earth Sciences & Support Sector.

Program Status: Open to Employers & Participants

Funding Will Cover Up To 12 Months of Full-Time Work

About the Youth in Natural Resources Program

The Youth in Natural Resources Program provides training and funding for young professionals to help them transition into the workforce and gain experience in the natural resources sector. The program helps them build a network of peers and mentors.

For employers, it gives them the opportunity to onboard young professionals and create meaningful environmental jobs within the natural resources sectors (Energy, Forestry, Mining Minerals & Metals, Earth Sciences) by removing limitations and challenges of hiring new professionals.

How Does the Youth in Natural Resources Program Work?

1. Apply Online

Fill out our eligibility assessment and application.

2. Get Approved

Candidates and employers will be informed by email once they are pre-qualified to participate in the program.

3. Recruitment

Candidates and employers are required to find their own placement, ECO Canada can offer helpful resources such as the Job Board (where hosts can post a job and candidates can submit their resume).

4. Secure Funding  

Funding is secured once a match is confirmed between the employer and a pre-approved candidate and contract agreements have been signed and returned to us within 15 days of being issued. 

5. Receive Funding 

This program offers eligible employers 75% wage coverage up to $18,000 of a candidate’s salary for a placement in a new full-time position, or 75% up to $30,000 when hiring a self-identified equity deserving candidate (based on funding availability). Equity deserving groups include: Persons with a disability, Indigenous, Persons living in a rural or remote location including one of Canada’s territories. Both the employer and candidate must fill out reports throughout the placement for the employer to receive the wage subsidy.



We'll help cover 75% of wages up to $18k & training

Breakdown for Youth Candidates

Breakdown for Host Employers

About ECO Canada

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As the steward for the Canadian Environmental workforce across all industries, ECO Canada offers employment programs that stimulate environmental career pathways, skill development, business growth, workforce support and workforce advancement through wage and training funding.

To date, we have distributed over $176M in wage and training subsidies and helped to fill 16,775 job placements!

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