Environmental Worker Compensation Guide

How are you addressing competitive compensation for your environmental workers? 
How is your company using compensation and benefits to be a competitive employer in the green economy? 

Successful organizations know that a competitive compensation and benefits package can differentiate their company from another. And top talent still factors salary and employee benefits as a critical motivator when considering whether to stay or leave an organization, even when changing roles within an organization. 

ECO Canada’s data-driven compensation statistics are vital to ensuring competitive, fair, and equitable compensation. 

Our 2022-2023 Environmental Worker Compensation Guide will give you access to salary benchmarking and employee benefits data based on over 2,900 Canadian environmental job incidents.  

Licensing Agreement 

ECO CANADA hereby grants your organization (the “LICENSEE”) a non-exclusive usage of the electronic report entitled 2022-2023 Environmental Worker Compensation Guide (the “REPORT”), upon the agreement of the terms stated below by ECO Canada. 

Price: $495 $199 CAD + Applicable Taxes
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