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Coast-to-Coast List of Accredited Programs in Canada

The following post-secondary programs have been accredited by ECO Canada. The accreditation is based on conformance with the National Accreditation Standard (NAS) for Post-secondary Programs.

NAS comprises of requirements for post-secondary academic programs and normative references including Curriculum Standards that align with the National Occupational Standard (NOS) and labour market requirements. The requirements of the NAS include Mission and Objectives, Institutional and Program Requirements, Program Development and Maintenance, Curriculum, Faculty Complement, Admissions, Student Services, Institution Facilities and Learning Resources, Program Financial Resources, and Scholarly Activity.

The accreditation is granted by the Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC), an independent body that oversees the ECO Canada Accreditation program.

There are currently 44 programs accredited by ECO Canada.

Program Level
Maritime College of Forest Technology
  • Two-year applied forestry program offered in English in Fredericton and in French in Bathurst and designed to educate and train entry-to-practice professional forest technicians-technologists.
  • The Forest and Fish & Wildlife Technology Program is a second-year addition to completing the core Forest Technology Program.
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2024-2031


Trent University Graduate Studies
  • Prepares students for the environmental sector through online coursework.
  • 4-month professional placement and in-person capstone week (M. BEMA only)
  • Focuses on skills & knowledge in data analysis, sampling design, science communication & geomatics (ArcGIS Pro)
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2025
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Sault College
  • Sault College’s nationally recognized School of Natural Environment programs focus on conservation, environmental protection, and exploring natural resources through field-based study.
  • Students enjoy a 45-hectare outdoor lab and the newly constructed Waterfront Adventure Centre.
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2030
CEGEP de St-Felicien
  • This is the first accredited French-language program in Canada.
  • It is the only program of its kind in Quebec.
  • Students develop skills and competencies in natural resource development, interpretation, education, protection and conservation, with an emphasis on region-specific sustainability practices.
  • Program accreditation period: 2020-2027

Techniques du milieu naturel

Accredited since 2011.

Holland College
Holland College
  • Teaches scientific theory in classes such as environmental microbiology, soil science, air quality, and environmental chemistry
  • Application of theories working in rivers, streams, and wastewater treatment facilities collecting and analyzing water and soil samples
  • Students spend three days with the Southwest Environmental Association monitoring river and stream health
  • Graduates will be qualified to work as Environmental Technicians or pursue further education
  • Interim program accreditation term: October 2022 – October 2024
SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)
  • Grow your knowledge and skills in both field and laboratory work
  • Gain the practical skills and hands-on experience needed to protect, conserve, and preserve the natural environment
  • Learn about a wide range of topics such as sampling, site reclamation and waste management
  • Programs are designed to empower the next generation of environmental leaders with the knowledge, skills, and vision needed to address the pressing challenges of our world

Environmental Technology Diploma Program

Accredited since 2011 (Current term: 2019 – 2026)

Integrated Water Management Diploma Program

Accredited since 2024 (Current term: 2024 – 2031)

Vanier College
Vanier College
  • 3 Year professional program taught in Montréal and the Laurentian Field Station
  • Small classes to ensure hands-on training in the lab and in the field
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2030
Keyano College
University of Winnipeg
  • Interdisciplinary programs allow students to customize their university education to fit their career goals
  • Many opportunities to work alongside professors as research assistants and to take field courses
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2030
University of Toronto
University of Toronto Mississauga
  • This is the second-largest division of U of T (Canada’s largest university)
  • Situated on 225 acres of protected greenbelt along the Credit River, 33 kilometers west of the university’s St. George campus in Toronto
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2017 – 2024
Keyano College
University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Located on 300 acres of green space, including a large conservation area, UTSC’s natural surroundings provides an important context and inspiration for learning
  • Co-op programs that allow students to combine their chosen program with an integrated and complementary work experience
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2022 – 2029
Keyano College
University of Ottawa
  • Interdisciplinary program that effectively addresses the different perspectives of complex environmental problems
  • A co-op option is available with placements in federal departments, provincial and municipal agencies, industries and NGOs
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2030
University of Manitoba
  • Annual career fair and strong rapport with alumni
  • Interdisciplinary approach helps students explore environmental issues relating to human population, sustainable resource development, pollution control, environmental health, ecosystem management, and conservation of biological diversity
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2020 – 2027

Bachelor of Environmental Science

Accredited since 2011

Trent University
Trent University
  • Several interdisciplinary environmental science and studies degree options, and more than 80 environment courses
  • Located in a beautiful campus of forests and fields, alongside the Otonabee River
  • Professors devoted to teaching, research and action for global environmental and social change
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2018-2025
Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Resource and Environmental Law is a two-year diploma program that specializes in conservation and environmental law enforcement
  • Combines classroom learning with lab exercises, simulated field investigations, outdoor camps and work experience
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2016 – 2023

Resource and Environmental Law

Accredited since 2016

Royal Roads University offers Accredited programs for environmental students
Royal Roads University
  • An intensive interdisciplinary cohort-based environmental science program that allows completion of third and fourth year coursework in 12 months
  • Students experience applied collaborative learning in a small class setting that culminates in a real world, nine month environmental consulting project with an external sponsor
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2019 – 2026
Nova Scotia Community College
  • Practical skills and theory with a focus on environmental sustainability
  • Strait Area and Lunenburg campuses
  • Portfolio-based program, where portfolios add value to programs and serve as a powerful and convincing way to demonstrate student achievement to future employers beyond a standard resume
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2030
Keyano College
Niagara College Canada
  • Balances practical skill development with theoretical knowledge
  • Students develop hands-on experience through industry internships and projects,and have access to ecological living labs on campus
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake campus
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2018-2025
Lakehead University
Lakehead University — Orillia Campus
  • Offers a unique interdisciplinary studies option, combining the arts and sciences, as well as programs in business, education and social work
  • Co-operative education options available
  • Known for producing environmentally conscious and responsible graduates with excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities to meet the growing demands of interdisciplinary practitioners in the diverse fields of science and sustainability
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2017-2024

HBASc Environmental Sustainability

Accredited since 2017

Lakehead University
Lakehead University — Thunder Bay Campus
  • Campus is uniquely situated in the pristine Boreal forest of North Western Ontario and on the shores of the largest fresh water lake in the world
  • Relevant fieldwork experience complementing extensive classroom theory
  • Interdisciplinary environmental programs with knowledgeable faculty committed to mentoring their students; several faculty members have government and industrial experience
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2019 – 2026
Lakeland College
Lakeland College
  • 95% employment rate (Class of 2014 Graduate Follow-up Survey, 2016)
  • 8-month work placements
  • Industry partners include AMEC, Syncrude, and Stantec
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2018-2025
Keyano College
Keyano College
  • Exceptional and unique opportunities by offering students additional field and hands on experience through local research projects
  • Program focuses on environmental issues, problems and solutions that are associated with natural resources
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2023 – 2029

Environmental Technology Program

Accredited since 2013

The King’s University
The King’s University
  • Offers a BSc or a BA in Environmental Studies to study the environment from a science or a humanities perspective
  • Students navigate social, economic, spiritual and scientific topics to understand global environmental challenges
  • Was the first Environmental Studies program to be accredited by the Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC)
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2020-2027

Environmental Studies
Accredited since 2011

Fleming College
  • Teaches practical field skills and applied experience
  • Students receive access to the Solar Ecology Wastewater Treatment System and Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT)
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2017-2024
Carleton University
  • Broad and interdisciplinary approach to environmental science
  • Builds invaluable networks for career opportunities after graduation
  • Courses are practical and relevant, including field camp courses, thesis preparation courses and co-op options
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2017-2024
Acadia University
Acadia University
  • Hands-on program 10 years in the making
  • Co-op program leads to graduate studies or work in the areas of Environmental Science or Geography
  • K.C. Irving Centre (KCIC), the Centre for Environmental Science, acts as a forum for synergies between Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Engineering
  • Program Accreditation Term: 2018-2025

BSc Environmental Science
Accredited since 2010

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