HR Solutions & Strategies for Environmental Employers

Recruiting and People Management Solutions for your Growing Business ​

HR Services

HR Solutions &

Strategies for Environmental Employers

Recruiting and People Management Solutions for your Growing Business ​

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HR Services


Environmental Employers: Discover Our Innovative HR Services

We now offer more robust services for employers and job seekers.

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HR Services


Learn more about our HR Services and see how they can help you and your business.

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Custom HR Services

Effectively Manage Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Team

The people in your organization play a critical role in determining the success or failure of your business. They are your most important assets and will shape workplace culture, represent your brand and help make or break your business vision, goals and operations. Simplified, your people come first and if you take care of them, they will take care of your business.

Whether you are a small team without dedicated human resource support, or the lead of your HR team in a large organization, we are here to help ease the time and effort it takes to find the right job candidate and create resources that will keep your team engaged.

Our custom HR services are not just affordable; they are also customizable to support your unique challenges and streamline operations. We can help you:

Empowering the Environmental Workforce: Discover Our Innovative HR Services

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Questions about our new HR services?

If you have any questions about our new HR services or would like to know more about them, please fill out the form and a member of our HR team will be in touch with you!


Recruiting People

Searching for the perfect candidate for your organization?
We have the resources, connections, and tools to take on your recruiting needs and take the stress out of hiring.

Our HR experts replace the need for expensive head-hunting firms and save you money, while also helping you discover the skilled workers you need.


Managing People

Seeking strategic HR advice to push your business forward?

We provide employers and HR managers with extended people management services to help you meet your business and talent objectives. There are two ways we can support your HR needs including:


Environmental Occupation Compensation

A rewarding compensation and benefits plan is critical to an organization’s talent management strategy. It helps to attract and retain loyal, motivated and engaged talent, and it may reduce employee turnover rate, leading to a positive workplace experience for both employee and employer. 

Beyond  attracting and  retaining high-quality talent, a comprehensive compensation guide provides other benefits.  Salary benchmarking provides impartial data on competitive salaries, allowing employers to make informed decisions. Evaluating  pay equity to address unequal pay for work of equal value. Impartial data allows for transparent compensation decision-making, elevating trust between employees and management. 

ECO Canada’s annual comprehensive 2022-2023 Environmental Worker Compensation Guide is data-driven from thousands of environmental sector employers and professionals across Canada. Draw on our data to help you to attract and retain top talent, benchmark salaries, evaluate pay equity, and build trust.  


Why Work with Us?

As the Canadian leader for environmental workforce solutions and career development resources, we champion the end-to-end career for environmental practitioners across industries. We’ve helped to create thousands of jobs for organizations of all sizes across Canada. This data and the relationships we’ve built with employers in every industry have helped us to hone affordable solutions that work with your needs.

Tap into our academic partnerships, labour market research, coaching and training solutions to help move your business forward.

Solutions & TOOLs

Environmental Job Board

We have the largest environmental job board in Canada with thousands of job seekers visiting each week. Post your environmental positions on eco.ca to find your next hire.

We offer job credits that never expire, AI matching of resume candidates, access to a large resume bank and an easy online platform.

How Competitive is Your Organization?

Compensation is still the key motivator for employees to stay with an organization or choose one position over another. Our benchmarking guide will help you ensure that your organization is prepared to meet the challenges of the labour market with the right tools in place.

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