Indigenous and Small Business Awareness for Combating Climate Change through Adoption of Zero-Emission Medium and Heavy Vehicles


The ZeroEmission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI) aims to inform, educate, and empower communities to combat climate change by adopting ZeroEmission Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (MHDVs).

ZEVAI strives to boost awareness, instill confidence, rectify misinformation, and dismantle barriers in sustainable transportation. This initiative aims to foster a comprehensive dialogue spanning farming, rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, as well as small businesses and transportation companies across Canada. 

Learn more about the ZEVAI initiative and how we’re spreading awareness and educating Canadians about adopting Zero-Emission Vehicles.  

Upcoming Events

We are reaching out to collaborate with thought leaders and speakers within the Indigenous, small business, and transportation communities.
We intend to organize in-person events in remote areas next year. Your interest and collaboration in these events would be highly valuable. Please inform Umme Abiha (Project Manager) if you or anyone from your network can assist us in building a green future!

What are Zero-Emission Vehicles?

Zero-Emission Vehicles include vehicles that are not producing pollutants or greenhouse gases, while operating. While the vehicles are gaining traction, many Canadians are unaware of how ZEVs function and why they are a better alternatives to gas-powered vehicles. It is crucial to bridge these knowledge gaps and illustrate that Zero-Emission Vehicles (including electric batteries, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles) offer greater value than internal combustion engine vehicles.

Nationwide surveys repeatedly show that this lack of awareness, knowledge and public confidence is a crucial barrier for ZEVs. 

Canadian studies demonstrate that inadequate information, and a lack of confidence, hinder the widespread adoption of ZEVs. Hence, it is important to support Canadian consumers through awareness efforts so they can make informed decisions when purchasing ZEVs. 

Why We Need ZEVS

  • The transportation sector is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada, accounting for a quarter of the country’s total GHG emissions. 
  • Businesses can save up to $30,000 per vehicle annually. To date, over 125,000 Canadians and Canadian businesses have taken advantage of the federal incentive to purchase a zero-emission vehicle.
  • Businesses reduce operational costs and contribute to the reduction of an estimated 3 million metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The Path To A Cleaner Tomorrow

Where are you at with EVs? Take this short quiz to help bust myths and test your knowledge!

How You Can Contribute

  • Awareness Sessions: Build bridges and foster collaboration between Eco Canada, Industry Leaders, and Indigenous communities  
  • Panel Discussions and Webinars: Facilitate dialogues on large-scale zero-emission MHDV transitions 
  • Interactive ZEV Demonstrations: Showcase the benefits of Zero-Emission Vehicles firsthand 
  • Web-based Toolkit: Provide accessible resources for continued learning 
  • Knowledge-Testing Surveys: Evaluate the impact of our awareness efforts

Want to learn about the EV Battery Supply Chain Sector in Canada?

We have a new report that examines Canada’s developing EV industry, provides an overview of global trends, and discusses the occupational skills needed to ensure its success. 

Click below to read the full report. 

How Canada Is Responding

In 2022, the government of Canada issued a plan for reducing emissions: 2023 Emissions Reduction Plan: Canada’s Next Steps for Clean Air and a Strong Economy. In doing so, the government reinforced its commitment to fight climate change, create jobs and ensure that Canadians are global leaders in the transition to clean industries and technologies. 

Since transportation is the second largest source of emissions,  an effective approach to decrease transportation-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is to increase the adoption of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) on the road.

To encourage the adoption of medium- and heavy-duty ZEVs by Canadian businesses, the Government of Canada launched the Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (MHZEV) Program in 2022. There is a wide variety of makes and models of eligible zero-emission vehicles. The vehicles are available for purchase or lease, offering eligible organizations access to MHZEVs. Program incentives of up to $200,000! 

For additional details on how the Canadian government is promoting awareness of zero-emission vehicles, click the link below.


We invite you to share your experiences with Medium and Heavy-Duty EVs. Tag your posts with #EcoStoriesOnWheels and #ZEVAIMHDV. Whether positive or negative, we’re eager to hear your insights.

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