Post Secondary Education

Strengthen Environmental Career Pathways through our Academic Programs

Adding Value to Post-Secondary Programs and Students’ Education

We enhance environmental courses and give students a competitive edge through our education programs.

Validating Program Credibility

Post-Secondary Program Accreditation

Accredited environmental programs foster a culture of proactive, continuous improvement. ECO Canada accreditation validates a post-secondary program’s commitment to high-quality education, accountability and public trust. We work closely with industry and academic partners to make sure these programs keep pace with ever-changing trends and the skills employers expect from graduates today.

Our accreditation services bridge the school-to-work transition by:

Students can choose from 34 accredited post-secondary programs across Canada. Once a student enrolls in an accredited program, they’ll gain access to:

Accredited Partners

Coast-to-Coast List of Accredited Programs in Canada

 There are 33 accredited environmental programs that meet the national standards of excellence and align with employability standards. Royal Roads University and other leading Canadian post-secondary institutions are among our accredited partners. 

Indigenous Training Programs

BEAHR Articulation

Our BEAHR Articulation partnership helps academic institutions increase the enrollment of Indigenous students. Institutions that partner with us can equip more Indigenous students with the necessary skills for environmental careers, from entry-level to advanced.

CO-op JOB funding

Student Work Placement Program

The Student Work Placement Program offers Canadian employers funding to hire environmental co-op students through the support of Employment and Social Development Canada. 

Academic institutions can apply to incorporate this program into their course curriculum, even if they don’t have a formal co-op program. Once approved, an institution can access funding and work directly with our team to secure work placements for students. Learn more about program eligibility and how to get started.