LOCAL Indigenous workforce Training

BEAHR in Your Community​

Environmental Job Readiness Training for First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities

Local community participation is key for the delivery of all BEAHR courses

Our BEAHR Indigenous Training programs were established to increase the participation of Indigenous talent in the environmental sector. The environmental sector is growing quickly, and we strive to help First Nations, Metis and Inuit Communities across Canada develop their own local environmental champions.

BEAHR programs are designed to be flexible; we make sure they’re locally relevant to provide you with entry-level job opportunities in your area. The training programs range from 1 week to 16 weeks with graduates receiving a certificate of completion.

While each delivery is customized, courses share key characteristics:

Communities and industry usually combine multiple courses together to build specialized skillsets among Indigenous youth to prepare them for various employment opportunities across many environmental sectors.

Some examples include specialized streams in environmental monitoring, land use planning, remediation/reclamation, climate change focused programming and more.

How It Works In 6 Steps:

Step 1.

Your community expresses interest in hosting a training program. They look at the BEAHR courses offered and decide which training courses they would like delivered.

Step 2.

Connect with our Program Specialist to learn how you can get involved.

Step 3.

We will work with you to determine:

Step 4.

We will provide you with a customized training package which will include overall costs and details.

Step 5.

We deliver training in partnership with your community, that aligns with your local priorities and employment outlook.

Step 6.

Once training is complete, students receive a nationally recognized ECO Canada Certificate of Completion based on the delivered training program.

Community First

Customized BEAHR Training Packages

We build out customized training packages based on needs and priorities of all stakeholders involved (Industry partners, nation members, local labour market demands). We will work with you to determine which courses would best meet your needs, plan out where/when training will take place, and ensure all local priorities (local Elders, TK holders, industry partners, academic institutions, local project sites, etc.) are included in your customized training delivery.

Request Consultation​

Decades of Experience

A Strong & Dynamic Instructional Team

Our team of Licensed BEAHR instructors deliver successful trainings all across the country and bring a diverse and qualified skillset to the table.

Every training delivery is led by a Certified BEAHR Instructor with additional support from Indigenous leaders, Subject Matter Expert’s, Elders, Traditional Knowledge Holders, Industry representatives, and academic institutions.

This collaborative delivery framework ensures skills and expertise are relevant and demanded by current industry practice, all while integrating local culture and geographical priorities.

Learn more about becoming a licensed trainer

Explore our curriculum in detail

To get started, download our BEAHR Program Guide to learn more about what programs
we offer and how the training process works.

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