Meet the team​

Kevin Nilsen

Kevin Nilsen started his career in leadership as an officer in the Norwegian Army before moving to Canada in 2000. After graduating from the University of Calgary, Kevin worked 7 years for ECO Canada, most recently as Director of Professional Services. Kevin rejoined ECO Canada in September 2016 to commence the role of President & CEO of the organization.

During his absence from ECO Canada, Kevin managed large global offshore oil and gas projects for Aker owned companies. The experience in the energy sector gave him great exposure to clients and stakeholders in Europe, Asia, and USA. During this time, he was first based in Norway and subsequently in Houston, Texas. As a key highlight, Kevin led the development of a cutting-edge Riser Gas Handling tool that ensures a safer and more environmentally friendly drilling process.

At ECO Canada, Kevin was responsible for the establishment of the Canadian Centre for Environmental Education (CCEE). He was also instrumental in the launch of regional networking events across the country, the growth of EP certification, and academic partnerships.

Throughout his career, Kevin has always had an unprecedented commitment to clients. In his role as CEO, Kevin’s key focus is to ensure that ECO Canada’s products and services align well with industry, government, and academic stakeholders.

Ben Keizer
VP of Finance

Ben is an experienced accountant (CPA, CMA) and management professional with more than 15 years’ experience in leading and managing not-for-profit organizations. Ben brings a diverse skill set which allows him a unique understanding of an organization’s operational, technical and financial needs coupled with the ability to interpret and communicate these realities to the key stakeholders, creating a culture of collaboration.

Ben has worked at some of the leading not-for-profit organizations, including one the largest and most successful residential camps in Canada, one of the largest churches in Canada, as well as one of the largest international relief and development organizations in Canada. Through these experiences Ben has had the opportunity to lead teams of 5 to 125 people while managing multi-million-dollar budgets and providing technology, innovation, and automation.

Ben oversees the finance, administration, information technology and human resources groups within ECO Canada. Ben continually seeks to use these areas to effectively and efficiently support the projects and programs that contribute to making ECO Canada a trusted partner across the environmental sector.

Angie Huk
VP of Marketing and Customer Engagement

Angie is an accomplished marketing expert with ten years of experience in building client acquisition and engagement strategies. With a background in accounting and digital marketing, Angie’s approach to building business growth strategy is a blend of traditional fundamentals and data-driven practice to ensure performance is measurable and meaningful.

Angie has worked with various organizations from small businesses to Fortune 500 and 1000 organizations across North America to develop digital advertising, user experience, lead management, content development and branding campaigns that align to user behaviour indicators.

She oversees the memberships, learning, marketing and sales teams with the objective of increasing awareness and value for ECO’s customers in terms of resources and programs that support their environmental career objectives.
Angie is committed to supporting the environmental workforce through continous development of HR and career resources.

Dr. Yogendra Chaudhry

Yogi oversees the development and delivery of professional services to support the rapidly growing network of the Canadian environment and sustainability workforce. He provides strategic insight and technical support for environment and sustainability programs, and works closely with a diverse range of stakeholders including government, industry and the environment & sustainability professionals.

During his more than two decades of career in Environment and Sustainability, he has worked in numerous countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Yogi holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and supports a number of Canadian and international academic institutions, standard-setting organizations, and industry associations in various professional capacities.

Director of Research

Claudine Vidallo is a strategic planner, business analyst and program manager and in the last decade has initiated, lead, executed and evaluated multi-stakeholder, and multi-phased projects. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a Business Management background. In the last 20 years, Claudine has applied her competencies in various industries in the Philippines and Canada including food and beverage manufacturing, energy, post-secondary and training institutions, and not-for-profit organizations.

Claudine’s other full-time job is being a mother of five boys including twin stepsons. She was also very active in sports and fitness in her past life and has a 1st degree blackbelt in Taekwondo.

ECO Canada Board of Directors

Faramarz Bogzaran
Chair of the Board
John Wiebe
Secretary & Treasurer
Grant Trump
Board Member
Jacques Benoit
Board Member
William Borland
Board Member

Program Boards

Several of our core programs require additional oversight to maintain impartiality. As such we work very closely with the following Boards:

Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board​

Chair of the Board

Robert Volkman, RFT, CRSP, PMP, EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA), EP
President, JEDROC Consulting Services Ltd.
British Columbia


Victor Nowicki, P.Geo., EP
President, ARC Geoback Group Inc.
New Brunswick

Jen Silverthorn, CRSP, LEED AP, CSBA, EP(EMSLA), EP
Environmental Management Leader, City of Calgary

Scott Freiburger, A.Sc.T., LEED AP, EP(EMSLA), EP(CEA), EP
Principal/Senior Auditor, AET Consultants

Eric Denman, Eng., MBA, EP, CRM
Vice President, D&G Enviro-Group Inc.

Chris Valaire, B.Sc, P.For, CET, EP
Vice President, TESS Engineering Consortium

Tyler Riewe, B.Sc, P.Ag., EP, HSA
Safety, Health & Environment Manager, Riversdale Resources

Christina Wright, M.Env.Sc., EP
Senior Environmental Scientist, Partner, BCX Environmental Consulting

Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission

Chair of the Board

Paul Werbiski
Former Senior Director, HSE, Direct Energy


Brandee Diner,
Environmental Educator and Program Coordinator, Vanier College

Tony van der Vooren,
President at Vooren Air Quality Management Services Inc.

Ray Clement,
President, EnviroAnalysis

Rick Baydack,
Professor of Environmental Science & Studies, University of Manitoba

Grant Trump,
Former CEO & President of ECO Canada