EP Auditor Designation

Become an EP Auditor

Be Recognized As A Leader For The Important Evaluation Work That You Do

You have gone far in your career, and you want to influence the future of the sector. How do you enhance your credibility and become part of a national community of exceptional professionals committed to environmental and public protection?

Become a certified EP Auditor to raise your professional profile and gain recognition for the difference your standard auditing work makes in Canada.

increase professional recognition

Two Designation Options

Compliance Environmental Auditor

You specialize in the following areas:

Environmental Management
Systems Lead Auditor

You specialize in one or both of the following areas:

Benefits that EP Auditors Can Access

Besides gaining career recognition and validation for your unique skills, we offer a range of benefits:

How to Become Designated EP Auditor

Follow these six easy steps to start your certification journey today! Otherwise, continue reading to discover more resources related to the Environmental Professional Auditor designation. Please note that after step three, the ECO Canada team will work with you directly to complete the remaining stages of your application.

3. Complete Application Criteria & Pass Exam

4. Prepare for Board Approval

5. Pay Certification Fee of $230

6. Celebrate Your New EP(CEA) or EP(EMSLA) Status!

Get Designated

EP Auditor Eligibility

The EP(EMSLA) and EP(CEA) are a gold-standard seal for environmental auditors, providing great benefits to those who are highly qualified and committed to the sector.

We award EP Auditor designations after a rigorous review of education, employment, formal audit training, and environmental auditing knowledge. This is done through your audit experience and an online examination.

The key criteria for certification include:

Overall experience must show that the applicant has the technical competencies associated with the National Occupation Standards for Environmental Auditors (See Appendices – ‘Technical Competency Dictionary’) over the course of the eligible audits submitted.

Check out more details on the application process and how to get started.

Application & Exam Guide

Showcase your commitment to the growth of this niche community of experts and champion environmental standards in Canada.

Gaining your EP(CEA) or EP(EMSLA) status can take as little as 8 weeks or up to 6 months depending on your preparation.

Get an overview of the application and exam requirements as well as a copy of the Application Guide.

Maintaining Your Status

To maintain your EP Auditor designation, you must complete your annual maintenance framework, which includes professional development activities and annual membership fee of $230.

All EP Auditor members are required to submit their professional development activities each February. Members are required to accumulate 15 credits from Professional Development Activities and/or Auditing-related Employment per year, with a total of 75 credits
required every 5 years for Term Renewal.

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