EP® Auditor Application
& Exam Guide

Become an EP® Auditor — Environmental Management Systems Lead Auditor (EMSLA) or Compliance Environmental Auditor (CEA)

Both the EP®(EMSLA) and EP®(CEA) are gold-standard credentials for environmental auditors. The designation provides lasting benefits to those who are highly qualified and committed to the sector.


Becoming an EP® Auditor

You can be awarded our EP Auditor designations only after a rigorous review of your education, employment, formal audit training, and environmental auditing knowledge. This is accomplished through your audit experience and online examination.

Your overall experience must also meet the technical competencies associated with the National Occupation Standards for Environmental Auditors (See Appendices – ‘Technical Competency Dictionary’) over the course of the eligible audits submitted.

Your List of EP® Auditor Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for EP®(EMSLA) or EP®(CEA) designation, you must satisfy basic requirements in the areas of work experience, education, formal training, and professional practice (auditing experience).

Work Experience

At least five years of relevant environmental auditing work experience that contributes to the development of knowledge and skills in some, or all, of the following areas:


A recognized Canadian or international college diploma, or university degree. The degree or diploma should be relevant to the title sought and should concentrate on one of the following areas:

Formal Audit Training

A minimum of 35 hours of lead auditor training that contributes to the development and knowledge in the following areas:

Professional Practice

Completed eligible audit logs that document:

Get Ready to Apply

Download the Application Package

inside you will find useful information to help with the application criteria, process, examination and fees.

After Downloading the Package, Continue With These Next Steps...

How it Works

Background Validation

Validation will typically be completed within 2 weeks of receiving your application. In this stage, the Registrar ensures that all components of your application are complete.

Expert Review

Occurring concurrently with the Examination process, an Expert Review will be conducted to ensure that the competency requirements have been fulfilled in accordance with the certification scheme. During Expert Review details of audit experience requirements are confirmed with the verification contacts provided.


Once your application is deemed complete, we will contact you to schedule your written examination. Examinations are coordinated by staff and are written online. It is your responsibility to secure both an eligible proctor and suitable location (often at the applicant’s place of employment).

Exam topics include:

Most applicants ask for six to eight weeks to prepare for examination after their initial validation process is complete.  If you don’t pass the exam, you must wait three months before rewriting.

There is an additional fee for rewriting the exam.

Registrar Review

A final review will be conducted to ensure that all steps of your application have been completed successfully. Once we confirm that all submissions and documentation are in place, your application goes to the Board for ratification.

ECO EP Badge

Successful Certification

Once you become certified as an EP Auditor, we will mail you a certification package that includes your wall certificate. Your name will also be added to the publicly available roster.

At this stage, the first-year membership fees will be due.

Application & Renewal Fees

The initial fees for either auditor title is $450 plus taxes. This includes the initial application of $250 as well as examination fee of $200.

An annual renewal fee of $230 + taxes is due on April 1 each year.

Outstanding Fees Policy​​

If payment is not received within 30 days of its due date, a penalty fee of $50.00 will be charged. Your membership would no longer be considered in good standing and will be temporarily removed from the roster until payment is received. This status will be lifted, and the member’s name will be placed back on the roster once payment is received.

If it has been more than 60 days and your membership still has outstanding fees, your designation will lapse. Former members are eligible for reinstatement within 3 years from the date lapsed. Contact EP@eco.ca for reinstatement requirements and process. If your designation is lapsed more than 3 years, you will be required to apply as a new applicant.

If you are unsure of your membership status, login to your ECO Account which will have the status of your membership, fees and other relevant member info.

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