Environmental Post-Secondary Accreditation

Workforce-Driven Accreditation to Increase Your Students' Career Success​

Align your programs with current industry needs and validate environmental education excellence to help build a solid foundation for the next generation of environmental practitioners.

Our goals for post-secondary environmental program accreditation are clear.

The environmental sector is growing at a rapid pace, with roles that span across every industry in Canada. As an academic leader, it can be challenging to keep up with the changing trends and skills that employers demand from your graduates, while also providing quality education. Our team can help you meet this challenge.

We work closely with stakeholders across every industry and region of Canada to define skill development, labour supply and demand trends and career building resources that will prepare new and transitioning workers with the right tools to be successful in acquiring meaningful work. Take advantage of this connection along with a wealth of resource to offer your students by becoming accredited with us.

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Becoming nationally recognized raises your institution’s profile to students, industry and the public. This accreditation program provides formal validation of your program’s commitment to high quality education, accountability, and public trust. We can help you foster positive competency outcomes for students throughout their academic journey and help transition your graduates to the working world.

Add credibility to your environmental programs and let prospective students, employers and other influencers know that you demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement and dedication to career-driven learning.

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