Become an Accredited Institution

Gain National Recognition and Raise your Institution’s Profile With Workforce-Driven Accreditation

As an academic leader, it’s challenging to provide quality education while keeping up with changing industry trends and the skills employers demand from your graduates. Our team can help.

Validate your environmental education programs and evolve the next generation of environmental professionals through our accreditation program.

Our goals for post-secondary environmental program accreditation are clear.
Benefits of Accreditation

Why Seek Accreditation
for Your Program

  • Hands-on involvement in the validation process, with a framework that can be used for on-going continuous improvement
  • Help students prepare for the job market through the EPt Student membership, including mentorship, job search coaching and co-op employment opportunities
  • Access to customized labour market research and direct industry connections
  • Access wage funding for students and recent graduates
  • Accredited schools can participate in our flagship events, including ECO Impact and our annual virtual career fair
  • Leverage annual access to our marketing services to support program visibility 
  • Raise your institution’s profile to students, industry and the public
How It Works

How to Get Accredited

Application Phase
Start by downloading the application guide. Programs approved by the Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC) will receive an invitation to apply notification from our program registrar.

For institutions located outside of Canada that express interest in the program, our accreditation team will evaluate your program’s eligibility in conjunction with the IEEAC. Upon approval, you will receive an invitation to apply.

Self-Study Phase
This phase consists of three steps and culminates in a site visit by one representative from academia and industry.
Application Decision
Once a ruling has been made, the Accreditation Registrar will notify you of their decision.
Accreditation is granted for a term of up to seven years.
International Accreditation

Accreditation for Post-Secondary Environmental Programs Outside of Canada

Gain Canadian recognition for educational excellence in environmental practice through our International Accreditation Program.

Our International Accreditation Program reinforces the quality of your environmental programs, including its academic support staff, educational facilities and curricula.

We work with post-secondary learning institutions around the world to add credibility to environmental programs. Our accreditation signifies to prospective students and industry members that your environmental program meets a high-level standard of education and is aligned with the labour market and industry needs in Canada.

Learn more about our international accreditation process:

Accreditation by the Numbers

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Ready to Apply?

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Are you a Dean, Academic Director, Department Head or Program Authority? Download our Application Guide to get started. Inside you will learn about the:

Download our International Accreditation Guide

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