Building Environmental Capacity Among Indigenous Nations: Lessons Learned from the Field

In this webinar, learn about effective strategies how to deliver exceptional environmental training in partnership with ECO Canada and Indigenous communities.

Expert: Carol Crowe
President & Founder, Indigenous Visions

Carol Crowe is the principal and Lead Instructor at Indigenous Visions Inc. and Lead Instructor. She works with First Nations, Industry, and Government specializing in the avoidance and mitigation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge concerns and Western Science regulations. Carol has taught the BEAHR program across Canada for the past 10 years to First Nation communities across Canada. She has over 25 years’ experience as an Instructor and Facilitator, designing and delivering workshops in consultation, negotiations, and accountability training. All accredited courses include a focus on inclusion and protection of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in Indigenous communities. Carol also instructs a spring credit course at the University of Calgary, Environmental Management Certificate Program. Carol Crowe is a recipient of the Global TV “Women of Vision” Award in the category of business and entrepreneurship and an Esquao Award in Business from the Institute for the Advancement of Women.
Expert: Kaitlyn Petrin
B.A., RT.Ag (Environmental Monitoring)

Kaitlyn is an Environmental Technologist with five years of environmental experience, including conducting site assessments, groundwater monitoring and soil sampling, vegetation assessments, and spill response for oil & gas, power delivery, mining, and land development clients in Alberta and British Columbia. She is a licensed ECO-Canada BEAHR Program instructor and provides environmental training to members of Indigenous communities. She has experience working on site at a large SAGD facility in support of the environmental compliance and regulatory department. She has twelve years of experience in safety and recreation, where she developed skills in safety leadership and education, program development, and hazard assessment. In addition to her professional consulting work, Kaitlyn has also studied clean energy and energy consumption and has led education programs in Alberta high-schools to raise awareness of energy poverty. Her primary areas of expertise include technical instruction and communication, the research and application of regulations, detailed site characterization, working in remote and limited access areas, data interpretation and analysis, and the preparation of technical documents and reports for various clients/sectors within both Alberta and British Columbia regulatory frameworks . With a diverse skillset including keen attention to detail and exceptionally strong communication abilities, Kaitlyn is an inquisitive and energetic candidate driven by challenge and continual improvement.

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