How to Build your Environmental Consulting Career: Advice for Young Professionals

Learn the secret to a great consulting career with David Ellis, a chemical engineering consultant with more than 25 years’ experience in the wastewater industry.


Chemical engineering consultant with more than 25 years experience with wastewater treatment, water reuse, and water recycling, with a special focus on bioprocess engineering and optimization, especially anaerobic digestion systems and waste-to-energy facilities. David provides solutions for a variety of industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing clients. He is skilled in evaluating issues and developing solutions integrating not only operational and economic needs, but also regulatory and technical realities. His professional experience stems through managing projects and multidisciplinary engineering teams providing services for industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities located across North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. Azura Associates International Inc. was established by David Ellis in 2012 to provide specialist consulting services to industrial wastewater treatment facilities, anaerobic Waste-to-Energy facilities, and innovative cleantech businesses. Backed by decades of experience, Azura provides proprietary testing, research & development, and engineering services. Unlike many large consultancies that focus on large capital construction projects, Azura focuses on improving the performance of existing systems and infrastructure.

Why is this webinar topic important for environmental professionals?

Niche environmental consulting establishments have emerged to meet the demand for environmental expertise. Advice from experienced consultants on how to be successful is beneficial for all environmental professionals interested in working in environmental consulting.

How do I access the webinar?

Complete the webinar download form with your contact information. Upon submission, you’ll receive a link to the webinar recording.

When was this webinar recorded?

This webinar was recorded in February 2017.

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