Youth in Natural Resources


ECO Canada, in partnership with the Government of Canada, is pleased to offer wage funding for employers looking to onboard young professionals. This program offers eligible employers up to 80% of salary coverage to create meaningful environmental jobs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics within natural resources sectors.

Natural Resources sectors that qualify for funding include:

  • Energy Sector - Clean Energy Technology; Energy Efficiency/Fuel Switching; Transmission, Smart Grid, Energy Storage; Sustainable Development of Non-Renewable Resources
  • Forest sector - Forestry and Support Activities; Ecology & Management; Non-Traditional Forest-Based Bioeconomy Products Manufacturing; Solid Wood Product Manufacturing; Pulp & Paper Product Manufacturing
  • Mining, Minerals & Metals Sector - Prospecting & Exploration; Processing & Manufacturing, Construction & Development; Mining Supply & Services; Extraction & Milling; Reclamation Closure & maintenance
  • Earth Sciences & Support Sector - Environmental Assessment; Natural Hazard Risk Analysis & Prevention; Environmental Protection; Geomatics & Earth Observation; Sustainable Development


Employer Eligibility Assessment

Here's how the program works: Find out if you qualify by filling out the form below

  1. Complete application
  2. Get your approval by our Employment Programs Team
  3. Recruit your new hire and have them apply
  4. Our Employment Programs Team will finalize the match with your new hire
  5. Start receiving funding installments at the scheduled times indicated on our agreement

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