Janine Piller

Janine Piller recalls, "As soon as I knew you could recycle, I recycled…it was innate.” However, it wasn’t until Janine conducted a survey in university for a commerce class that the idea of opening a recycling business surfaced. "During my survey, a lot of people were talking about recycling, saying ‘If someone would come to pick it up, I’d recycle.’” Janine knew she was on to something.

More than a decade later, as the owner and operator of a Newfoundland recycling company, Janine has cleared many hurdles to create her own business. She credits much of her success to her organizational abilities. "If you are not organized, you won’t be able to properly navigate the ups and downs of the recycling industry.” Janine says it’s also important to "really understand your markets…know your market demand…what does the market need?” Once she mastered that, Janine knew she could deliver a quality service to her customers—an efficient recycling collection service. "A lot of my customers are just delighted. They say ‘I’d never do this recycling normally, but giving it to you is great.”

But owning and operating a recycling business has its drawbacks. One of Janine’s challenges was having to rely on several other businesses to sort and process the variety of recycled materials she collected. "It was really frustrating…because sometimes they would say they were only taking this type of paper, and then the next week, they’d change their minds.” Up until that point, Janine didn’t think she had any other choice. She thought she would have to be at the mercy of these types of selective recyclers for the rest of her career. It wasn’t until Janine thought to herself, "there has to be a different way”, did a little research, and found a company that would take all her recycled materials that her problem disappeared. "You’ve got to be a problem solver…you’ve got to be able to think outside the box.”

Now she can focus on her customers and the purpose of her business—recycling. "I always feel great satisfaction that it’s not going to the landfill.”