Memberships & Designations For Professionals and Employers

Recognize the leadership and value that our EP professionals contribute across the environmental sector​

Our memberships and designations support a diverse group of environmental and sustainability professionals and organizations across Canada. From environmental scientists and engineers to auditors and executives, our Environmental Professionals in training (EPt), Environmental Professionals (EP), EP Auditors (EPCEA and EP EMSLA) and EP Employers all proudly showcase expertise across every environmental specialization.

EP Employer Designation

Our philosophy for EP Employer is to encourage organizational commitment to sustainability advancements through demonstrated green leadership, supporting employees with their dedication to environmental work, internal and external initiatives for environmental sector progression and environmental plans that are anticipatory and preventative, rather than reactive.

As an EP Employer, you will join more than 3000 certified Environmental Professionals in Canada to demonstrate your commitment to the advancement of the environmental sector.

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Environmental Professional Designation

Environmental Professionals (EP) and Environmental Professionals in-training (EPt) are the next wave of change-makers in the constantly evolving field. EP members are recognized for their specializations, receive up-to-date resources, and learn from our leading professional development tools to stay on top of the latest industry trends.

As an employer, supporting your EP staff inspires public trust and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices. It helps strengthen your business too by showing you prioritize professional development, human resource policies, and value the future of both our industry and the environment.

Recognizing excellence

ECO Impact Awards

Each year, we invite our members to join us as we celebrate the expertise, leadership, and contributions of our certified Environmental Professionals (EPt, EP, EP Auditor CEA and EMSLA) and EP Employers. Along with the award presentation, we also invite a host of incredible Canadian speakers to keynote, lead panels, and teach in our learning sessions during this one-day event.

Our research and HR consulting teams have collected data on the entire sector, including a comprehensive library of career profiles that are taken directly from real-world examples.

Environmental Partnerships

ECO’s Membership Directory

Explore our growing list of firms, organizations and institutions that employ designated members and offer essential services to the environment sector.

There are 4 tiers of environmental designations for professionals and employers. These prestigious titles provide validation of skills, access to unique resources, mentorship opportunities, and, most importantly, reflect your commitment to environmental and sustainable practices.

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