Diploma in Integrated Water Management

By 2025, there will be over 173,000 job openings in the sustainability sector.

Graduating with a diploma in Integrated Water Management from SAIT can help you gain the skills needed to be part of a diverse, dynamic workforce.

As the environmental sector grows, having an understanding of the social and economic factors at play is becoming evermore important for environmental professionals. SAIT’s Integrated Water Management program takes a holistic approach to the world’s most vital resource: water. 

The Integrated Water Management diploma gives you both the technical knowledge and awareness of economics and social welfare to manage water, land and related resources in an equitable manner that doesn’t compromise ecosystem sustainability. This unique approach helps graduates of this program to bridge the gap between practitioners and policy makers and can help you find a role in a new industry or advance your current career. 

Over the course of 4 semesters, you’ll focus on areas such as water monitoring, data and project management, site assessment, global water availability challenges, emergency preparedness and more. By studying Integrated Water Management with SAIT, you’ll get hands-on learning experience by participating in field schools, classrooms and virtual reality labs and will have the opportunity to work with industry partners and mentors. 

As an Integrated Water Management graduate, you’ll have both the technical and scientific skills related to water management at a local level as well as knowledge of the global picture of water and sustainability issues related to a changing climate. 


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