Cost Effective Solutions for Energy Conservation and Waste Avoidance in Manufacturing

Darrin Kinsey will share his experiences working with large companies and manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint without substantial investment.


As a Senior Project Manager with Enviro-Stewards, Darrin as lead Conservation audits at over 40 Canadian Food and Beverage Manufacturers including: Maple Leaf Foods, Andrew Peller wineries, ED Smith Foods, Cargill Kitchen Solutions, and Global Egg Corporation. He’s also been a Team member for Conservation work at Constellation Brands, Unilever, VAC AERO International, Cascades, SHOWA Canada and other leading Canadian manufacturers.

During this 60 minute webinar, get guidance on the most cost effective sustainability pursuits for your company.

You’ll also:

  • Understand differences between conservation/waste reduction and renewable resources
  • Understand how to look at equipment and systems in a systemic manner
  • Gain exposure to environmental and facility auditing

Why is this webinar topic important for environmental professionals?

When manufacturers and large companies pursue sustainability targets and goals, the prevailing expectation is typically that it will require substantial investment and/or will be highly reliant on the use of renewable energy. When this is the focus it often results in ignoring a far more lucrative and effective method to decrease a typical facility’s environmental footprint and that is through conservation and waste avoidance.

Environmental professionals who can provide cost-effective solutions to reducing their organization’s environmental footprint, they enable their organization to fulfill their environmental goals.

How do I access the webinar?

Complete the webinar download form with your contact information. Upon submission, you’ll receive a link to the webinar recording.

When was this webinar recorded?

This webinar was recorded in September 2016.

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