Introduction to Passive and Semi-Passive Water Treatment for Mining Impacted Waters

An introduction to how passive and semi-passive water treatment systems (PTSs) can be effective technologies for treating mining impacted waters.

Expert: Monique Simair, PhD, Pbiol, RPBio, EP
Maven Water & Environment

Dr. Simair holds a PhD in applied microbiology with certificates in bioinformatics, and post-doctoral specialization in industrial microbiology and biogeochemistry. Previously, Monique was the youngest serving advisor appointed to the Science, Technology and Innovation council of the Canadian Federal Government. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Saskatchewan in civil, geological and environmental engineering, and has previously been an adjunct professor at Clemson University and an Academic Lead for the University of the Arctic. Dr. Monique Simair is a ground-breaking scientist and entrepreneur in the water treatment innovation sector, having successfully founded and grown Contango Strategies through to sale to a publicly traded company in 2018. She has now founded her next venture, Maven Water & Environment. Among her many accomplishments, Dr. Simair developed the first commercial genomics services for environmental microbiology communities, revolutionizing the understanding of bioreactor processes and biological treatment mechanisms and opportunities. Monique is also a scientific leader in water treatment sciences for the mining, oil, and gas sectors, having designed and optimized biogeochemical water treatment systems world-wide. Her approach to leadership is one of team building and collaboration, with on focus on bringing out the best in her collaborators and celebrating their individual skills and abilities, while fostering an environment where a questioning attitude is valued.

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