Pathways to the Cleantech Sector

Learn how the cleantech sector has grown, what trends have emerged, and how you can take advantage—presented by Margaret Mclennon.

Speaker: Margaret Mclennon
Professional Services Project Advisor

Having worked in geoscience out of Fort McMurray’s oil sands and on mineral exploration projects in Yukon and BC, Margaret has almost 10 years of experience in the natural resource industry. As our professional services project advisor, she now develops and manages projects to help individuals in the workforce connect with the latest green natural resource sectors. Her recent work includes leading activities under the Skills for a Clean Economy project, a research project headed by Foresight CAC and funded by the Future Skills Centre of Canada. The project aims to identify the most in-demand skill sets sought after by employers within the cleantech field. She also manages the development of tools to help understand/illuminate employment pathways to the sustainable ocean economy. She has also volunteered as a section leader for Stanford University’s Code in Place program, which taught introductory coding with Python to learners worldwide during the pandemic lockdowns in 2021. Margaret constantly seeks new ways to empower the present and future environmental workforce to reach their full potential. She looks forward to sharing insights from our research on the cleantech economy with you and hearing your perspectives and inputs.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is cleantech?
  • What trends are driving growth for the industry?
  • What types of challenges does the industry face?
  • In light of the growth potential and challenges, what are the in-demand skills for the sector?
  • What are the most common pathways for job seekers into the sector?


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