Perspectives on the New Impact Assessment Act

Bill C-69: What it means for you.

Expert: Nick Barnes

Nick brings more than 30 years of professional experience in the environmental industry. He holds a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Waterloo and a M.Sc. in Fisheries Biology from the University of Manitoba. His experience spans across almost every industry sector, and throughout Ontario, western Canada and the Northwest Territories, through employment with provincial and federal governments, as well as several consulting companies. He has participated in environmental assessment (EA) work through all versions of federal EA legislation, from studies associated with the Oldman Dam and Rafferty-Alameda projects, to managing the regulatory approvals for major projects such as the Wuskwatim and Keeyask hydroelectric generating stations, prior to his recent retirement from Manitoba Hydro.

Session 1 - The Proposed Act

Module 1: Background

  1. Historical Context
    • Previous legislation and policy
    • Background to the New Act
  2. Purpose and Management of the New Act
    • Purpose
    • Impact Assessment Agency
    • Advisory Bodies

Module 2: The Act

  1. Initial Steps Under the New Act
    • Project Triggering
    • Transitioning from the Old Act
    • Early Planning and Coordination
    • Information Gathering and Impact Statement
    • Public Registry
    • Participant Funding and Cost Recovery
  2. Impact Assessment
    • Factors Considered in IA
    • IA by Agency
    • Other Authorities
    • Substitution and Equivalency
    • Impact Review by Panel
    • Decision Making
    • Regional and Strategic Assessment
  3. Post Project
    • Monitoring and Enforcement
    • Reviews of the New Act

Module 3: Next Steps

  1. Bill C-69
  2. Regulations

Session 2 - IA Regulations

Module 1: Addressing the Audience

  1. Background
  2. The Act
    • Initial Steps Under the New Act
    • Impact Assessment
    • Post Project
  3. Next Steps

Module 2: Amended Regulations Designating Physical Activities

  1. Criteria-based Approach
  2. Subsequent Reviews

Module 3: Information Requirements and Time Management Regulations

  1. Initial Project Description
  2. Detailed Project Description
  3. Agency Documents to Initiate Impact Assessments
  4. Stopping the Clock

Module 4: Cost Recovery Regulations

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