The Electrifying Future of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Join us for a deep dive into the electrification of medium and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs), co-hosted by industry leaders Siemens Canada and ECO Canada.

Speaker: Ray Little
eMobility Specialist | Siemens

Ray has been in the vehicle fleet business for over 30 years and has been assisting fleet operators decarbonize their vehicles for over 15 years. Ray’s claim to fame is that he is bilingual. He speaks both Diesel Litres and Kilowatts per kilometer. He helps fleet operators plan their zero emissions path while optimizing cost of operations. Ray is an expert in electric vehicles/infrastructure, proud father (of two engineers), curling enthusiast and cheers for both the Raptors and Oilers!
Speaker: Jordan Kamphuis
Solutions and Sales Engineer | Siemens

Jordan is a seasoned professional with 7+ years at Siemens and he excels in technical solution development, product lifecycle management, and project management. His expertise extends to advising Canadian transit agencies and commercial fleets on electric vehicle charging needs, tailoring solutions to their specific requirements. Currently, he consults for Canadian clients, offering preliminary conceptual designs and implementation plans for fleet electrification. Jordan contributes to industry standards as a member of CSA technical subcommittees and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Management from McMaster University. Jordan is also a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) with Professional Engineers Ontario.
Speaker: Sarah Balkhi
eMobility Sales Analyst | Siemens

Sarah is an MBA graduate from the DeGroote School of Business, and she discovered her passion for sustainability early in her career. Focused on driving the future of transportation, she specializes in electrification solutions. Through market analysis and strategic development, Sarah accelerates the adoption of electric mobility. Additionally, she leads marketing initiatives and educational campaigns to promote electrification and raise awareness of sustainability practices.

The following topics will be discussed in this webinar:

  • Debunking Myths:

Addressing common misconceptions about electric MHDVs.

  • Industry Statistics:

Presenting the latest data and trends in EV technology and adoption.

  • Future of Fleet Electrification:

Exploring upcoming innovations and strategies for integrating EVs into existing fleets.

  • How to get Started:

Explore funding programs and how you can get started on your electrification journey.

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