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If you’re unfamiliar with how BEAHR operates or are interested in hosting a training program on your Nation this blog is for you! Learn how the BEAHR program works and all the great benefits it can bring!

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Environmental Foreign Talent Development
Career Development

Environmental Foreign Talent Development Launch

The Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program, funded by the Government of Canada’s – Foreign Credential Recognition program has just launched, and here’s everything you need to know about the program! Canada’s

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Blue NOS
EP Certification

2022 EPt Impact Winner – Emily Davis

Emily Davis has been an EPt since 2019 and has had a passion for the marine environment since a young age. Emily has worked on many different projects, including a marine spatial planning project in the Eastern Caribbean.

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EP Leaders
EP Certification

ECO Impact 2022 Top Employer Narratives Inc.

Narratives Inc strives to amplify the voices of indigenous communities and combines/celebrates different knowledge systems through their work of impact assessments, territorial and community planning, capacity building and so much more. We spoke with the founder Somia Sadiq to learn more about Narratives.

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EP Leader
EP Certification

ECO Impact 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

At this years ECO Impact 2022 we introduced a new category called the lifetime achievement award. We sat down with the very first winner of this new award Paul Werbiski to learn about his passion and contributions to the environmental sector.

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