Environmental Foreign Talent Development Launch

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The Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program, funded by the Government of Canada’s – Foreign Credential Recognition program has just launched, and here’s everything you need to know about the program!

Canada’s workforce and population benefit from immigration and talented people from abroad. Unfortunately, many who come to work in Canada face barriers when trying to break into the Canadian workforce. Some of these barriers are a lack of “Canadian experience” and professional connections. Another critical barrier is the devaluation of foreign credentials, which makes it extremely difficult for people to find work in their field due to a “lack of education”, despite having diplomas or degrees that are equivalent to Canadian qualifications. These barriers can make it difficult for people to break into industries even though they have ample work experience.

“When I was granted my permanent residence, I thought I would be able to find work in my field. I had diplomas and 15 years of work experience abroad. But it did not work out that way, many times I was told that my resume was great, but I lacked Canadian experience. How could I get that if every employer mentioned that same reason for not hiring me? I was clueless. I eventually accepted an entry-level job in a different field”.  Émilie, -European newcomer

We recognize that the Canadian workforce and environmental sector need foreign talent in order to meet the hiring forecasts as outlined in our Labour Market Outlook to 2025. Newcomers to Canada contribute so much to the fabric of Canadian society and bring their own lived experiences and knowledge to the table and this program looks to make it easier for them to do so.  

Here’s how the program will work and what you need to know before you apply.

A common issue newcomers face when they arrive in Canada is getting work experience in Canada and building a professional network to help them succeed. The program aims to help newcomers to Canada stand out to prospective employers and help participants build networks with peers and mentors. The program will also help participants join our EP program and assist them with finding employment that matches their skillsets. The program takes place over a 12-week period and involves a paid full-time placement in the environmental sector to aid with professional development to provide Canadian experience.

The eligibility critical for this program is open to permanent residents or those with refugee status in Canada. Candidates must have previous experience in the environmental sector from abroad and have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution with a 2-year diploma or a 4-degree year program. Finally, you must have a Canadian language (English or French) benchmark of 7 or an equivalent and be currently underemployed or unemployed. If you meet these requirements, you are eligible for the program!

This program is only the first step in creating a more inclusive and diverse environmental workforce in Canada. We hope this program will give more opportunities for newcomers to thrive in the environmental sector and helps to create a more inclusive and accepting workforce in Canada.

Apply for this program here.


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