Environmental Foreign Talent Development

Preparing International Talent for the Canadian Workforce

Immigrants accounted for two thirds of Canada’s labour force growth between 2016 and 2017, and this proportion is expected to rise to 80% by 2031. But lack of Canadian experience, lack of professional networks, and communication challenges all present barriers to immigrant professionals that leave them unable to leverage their significant training and experience.

As stewards of all aspects of the Canadian environmental workforce, we are committed to helping Canadian newcomers and their potential employers overcome these barriers. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program, this program strives to remove the barriers faced by highly-skilled immigrants when attempting to enter the Canadian Environmental workforce.

Program Status: Open to Employers & Participants

Applications are now open for employers and participants. You will need to create or log in to a SurveyMonkey Apply account to apply.

12 week training program available for newcomers to Canada to prepare for a career in the Canadian workforce.

About the Immigrant Bridging Program

Our Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program (Immigrant Bridging) provides training and funding for new immigrants to help remove the barriers to employment as newcomers to Canada. The program helps them stand out to prospective employers and build a network of peers and mentors.

And for employers, it gives them access to a wealth of talent and experienced professionals by removing perceived limitations and challenges of hiring Canadian immigrants.

Program Eligibility

Newcomers to Canada

To be eligible for the program, potential candidates must:


To be eligible for the program, potential employers must:

How Does the Immigrant Bridging Program Work?

  1. Candidates and employers fill out an eligibility assessment and an application to see if they are eligible to participate in the program.
  2. Candidates and employers will be notified once they are approved and selected to participate in the program.
  3. If selected, candidates will start their training (EPt Designation, Essential Skills Training Certificate, the EP Mentorship Program, and participant in a series of virtual discussions to help support the job search process).
  4. If selected, employers will be able to bring their own candidate, or they can select a candidate from our EFTD pre-approved list.
  5. This program offers eligible employers up to $15,000 of a newcomer’s salary for placement in a full-time 3 to 6-month environmental position
  6. Both the employer and newcomer must fill out reports at the 3 to 6-month mark of the work term for the employer to receive the wage subsidy.

Benefits to Immigrant Professionals

Benefits to Employers

Get Started With Your Application​

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact IMM@eco.ca

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As the steward for the Canadian Environmental workforce across all industries, ECO Canada offers employment programs that stimulate environmental career pathways, skill development, business growth, workforce support and workforce advancement through wage and training funding.

To date we have distributed over $144M in wage and training subsidies and helped to fill 14,000 job placements!