EP Member Spotlight Corey Kinsella

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Meet Corey Kinsella, an Environmental Professional from Curve Lake First Nation who enjoys multiple natural resource-based positions. His commitment to assisting Indigenous communities in various sectors is impressive. Obtaining an EP® (Environmental Professional) designation is a significant achievement that highlights Corey’s professionalism and dedication to his field. By earning the designation, Corey has established trust and confidence with his clients and communities, which is crucial in the environmental industry.

Corey’s experience in the environmental workforce aligns well with his passion for being on the land and engaging in activities such as harvesting, conservation projects, and habitat management. His work as a Technical Advisor – Physical Sciences & Traditional Lands with CIPS allows him to utilize his skills and expertise in different areas, including environmental assessments, Indigenous environmental principles, Indigenous procurement strategies for large infrastructure projects, community and regional energy plans, and traditional food source restoration programs.

Corey has demonstrated his expertise as an EP® being involved in a large redemption project. His team faced a potential project stoppage due to the possible presence of a Species at Risk (SAR). With careful consideration and assessment, they determined that no SAR were present, allowing the project activities to continue. Corey’s expertise has been further demonstrated by conducting assessments and making informed decisions regarding environmental risks.

The contribution that has been most meaningful to Corey is the Arctic Community Energy Plan. Corey and his team were hired for an Arctic Community Energy Plan in a community in Nunavut. They guided a community energy champion and supported him in completing the energy plan. Their efforts resulted in successfully applying for and receiving over 1.5 million in federal funding for the project’s next phase.
Indigenous Participation gives Corey a sense of hope and excitement: “For decades, our teachings and our ways have been pretty much ignored, but climate change is very relevant, and our ways of life need to be at the forefront when making decisions. We have always thought seven generations ahead and how what you do today impacts that.”

When discussing what he’d like to see added or improved with the EP designation, he mentioned the need for more professional opportunities in the EP® Community, more mentorships from professionals to youth or Indigenous EPts, and a central database of Indigenous EPs® to reference and network with.

It is great to see professionals like Corey Kinsella making a positive impact in the environmental field and working toward the betterment of Indigenous communities. We are excited to see more of Corey’s Indigenous-led opportunities at CIPS soon.

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