Environmental Professional® Certified can help you expand your networking circle

Networking opportunities are extensive and constantly shifting. They provide a great opportunity for you to keep up to date with changes in your industry, and to meet with other professionals in a similar industry, providing you with valuable insights and connections. Sharing the same career background with the people you speak to makes it easier to find similarities and build trust. This is part of the “ethos” or way of life that makes them appealing to many. 

Many professional organizations today highlight the importance of networking, which ultimately opens up many opportunities career wise, setting you apart from others with the same credentials. Even if it doesn’t directly lead to employment, it’s beneficial to be recognized within your field of endeavor. 

To provide Environmental Professionals® with these networking opportunities, ECO Canada hosts a monthly meeting in each Canadian city where participants get the chance to form industry connections. 

On September 29, 2022, The organization alongside Employment Services Coordinator Marco Ng hosted an Environmental Professional® networking event where job seekers and employers got together at The Merchant Kitchen in Winnipeg over a meal to chat and share opportunities and form connections. Amongst the 20 plus attendees, were a mix of private and government sector individuals in all areas of expertise, complimented by an equal blend of men and women.

Not only is this a key stepping stone to growing your network, but also a way to form a group of people who can contribute to your career goals. Leaving with full stomachs and big smiles on their faces, many participants were happy to obtain newly-formed industry connections that will benefit them now and with future opportunities.

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