Green Futures: Harnessing Survey Insights to Power Talent Strategies

Calgary, ABMay 23rd, 2024 – ECO Canada, a leading organization dedicated to advancing environmental careers and the environmental workforce, has released its latest research findings on navigating environmental careers in Canada. This study, titled “Green Futures: Harnessing Survey Insights to Power Talent Strategies,” provides invaluable insights into individuals’ perceptions and approaches to environmental career opportunities in Canada.

“The consequences of climate change are unprecedented for our population, the environment, and our economy. By supporting research and reports like the one from ECO Canada, we are working together to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. These findings in the environmental sector will help us to address labour shortages and to achieve Canada’s goal of a net zero economy.” – Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages.

Navigating environmental careers remains a crucial aspect of the environmental sector, influencing policy decisions, technological advancements, and environmental sustainability strategies. This report dives into various key aspects to offer a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, and provides crucial insights to policymakers, industry leaders, and environmental professionals, offering actionable data and strategic guidance.


Key findings from the study:

  • Growing demand for Green Talent: The report highlights a significant surge in demand for professionals with expertise in sustainability, renewable energy, environmental management, and related fields. This demand spans various sectors, indicating a widespread commitment to integrating sustainability practices.
  • Skills in high demand: Employers are actively seeking individuals with a diverse skill set encompassing technical proficiency, innovation, leadership, and a deep understanding of environmental issues. The report also consistently highlight the necessity for green skills, showcasing a mismatch between the demand and availability of environmental workers.
  • Barriers to Talent Acquisition: Despite the increasing demand for environmental talent, organizations face challenges in attracting and retaining qualified professionals. Factors such as limited awareness of environmental career opportunities, skills gaps, and insufficient recruitment strategies pose significant obstacles.
  • Opportunities for Collaboration: The report emphasizes the importance of collaboration between industry, academia, government, and other stakeholders to bridge the gap between talent supply and demand. By fostering partnerships and implementing targeted initiatives, stakeholders can effectively address challenges and nurture a robust green workforce.


“ECO Canada is proud to share this timely report, which offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of green jobs and talent strategies” says Geni Peters, Director of Research at ECO Canada.” As organizations worldwide strive to embrace sustainability and mitigate environmental challenges, understanding the dynamics of green talent is essential for driving innovation and achieving long-term success.”

The report “Green Futures: Harnessing Survey Insights to Power Talent Strategies” was funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program, and is available for download on the ECO Canada website here.

“The opinions and interpretations in the publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.”

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