Member Spotlight: Jonathan Smith, EPt

Meet the winner of the first EPt Impact Award, Jonathan Smith, for his involvement with methane abatement and carbon offset.

We recently held our first annual ECO Impact Awards in Calgary and during our inaugural awards ceremony, we were pleased to present the EPt Impact Award to Jonathan Smith of BlueSource Canada.

Jonathan is the Sourcing and Sales Manager at Bluesource and was nominated for his key role in their Methane Abatement Program.
Through the vehicle of carbon offset creation, Jonathan was integral to the implementation and marketing of a program to facilitate the conversion of oil and gas highly emitting pneumatic devices and replace them with lower emitting equivalent versions.
Some key successes of Jonathan’s project involvement include:

  • 7,000 devices installed over 3 year period, total CapEx$9-13 million expected
  • Generating 1-1.3 million Alberta compliance tonnes by Y/E 2022
  • Providing oil and gas producers with an incentive to partner by offering a share of carbon credit revenue after payout

This project has helped increase knowledge of the incoming Regulations in the space in addition to increasing overall comfort within a company about how to best work within the carbon sphere and generate positive results.

About Jonathan

As Sourcing and Sales Manager, Jonathan is involved with project sourcing and offset sales for the Canadian carbon market and brings a range of professional and educational experience to the Bluesource team. He has worked in an accounting and finance capacity for a variety of Canadian based oil and gas organizations and has over two years of oil field service experience with a majority of that time focused on heavy oil and SAGD operations. He has worked on a variety of energy efficiency projects ranging from low-income residential programs to larger scale commercial programs. Jonathan has project management experience while working for a not-for-profit energy efficiency organization that focused on a combined waste reduction and educational program.
A recent graduate of Dalhousie University’s Master of Resource of Environmental Management, he specialized in community-based social marketing as it relates to energy efficiency as well as biomass-to-energy processes, including combined heat and power and district heating. Jonathan also holds a BBA from Bishop’s University with a concentration in finance and economics, and a Bachelor of Applied Technology Petroleum Engineering degree from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Environmental Impact

When evaluating the nominees for the Environmental Professional-in-Training Impact Award, one of the evaluation categories was innovation and how are our EPt members driving innovation within the environmental sector. Jonathan’s nomination stood out for his inclusive approach to bridging industries and finding opportunities for carbon offset and methane abatement across industries. A key component of his nomination illustrated that he does not seek to change the actions, attitudes or perceptions that currently exist within a company; rather the is designed to be most successful based upon the accepted risk and thinking currently present at the company.  Then by demonstrated action and positive results, will it influence the company from within.
Jon’s approach to marketing this Program is unique as he pulls from his understanding of field operations, technical ability, and market dynamics. He can communicate across traditional corporate divides in language that both educates, seeks cooperation and provides reassurance to the Program’s structural design.
Congratulations to Jonathan on being the first recipient of the EPt Impact Award!
Bluesource is a market-maker, an advisor and a capital source for environmental markets. For over 20 years, the Company has been a leader in climate change and low carbon environmental products and services starting with its first transaction in 1996; the capture and large scale sequestration of vent-stack carbon dioxide. Today, Bluesource creates emission reductions from over 20 different technologies in over 85 locations across 46 states and 4 Canadian provinces. 

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