Natural Resources Canada Announces $15.8 Million for Green Jobs & Training for Youth

ECO Canada has been selected as a partner to provide youth training and green job opportunities for youth in STEM. Our employment programs provide Canadian employers with wage funding for environmentally-related roles.
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The Government of Canada has announced funding for youth employment programs as part of a commitment for economic recovery and “building a clean energy future, creating good jobs and supporting the natural resources sectors”.
Canada’s minister of Natural Resources, Seamus O’Regan, announced $15.8 million in funding for job and training initiatives for youth in STEM, energy, clean technology, earth sciences, mining and forestry. The announcement follows from and forms part of the $9-billion Covid-19 response for the student population.

“I am excited about this investment in the workforce of tomorrow. By expanding employment and skills development for youth and students, the Government of Canada is providing 500 young Canadians with career experience in fast-growing and future-friendly green jobs. By encouraging employers to hire youth, including northern, remote and Indigenous youth, we are helping build a diverse, qualified labour pool and create a green economy that benefits all Canadians.”
– The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

ECO Canada has been selected again as a funding delivery partner and will provide job internship opportunities supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Science and Technology Internship Program for youth aged 30 and under who meet the criteria. The funding will benefit Canadian employers hiring for environmentally-related roles in addition to building a solid skill foundation for young workers in STEM.

“Over the past two years of this program we’ve helped to facilitate placement for 1,109 qualified candidates into meaningful jobs, with $15 million in wages supporting business operations and employment growth across Canada. These are strong outcome results that are extremely positive. As our economy shifts to a skills economy and the retiree gap continues to rise, now more than ever it is important that industry leverages initiatives like the Science and Technology Internship Program to help fill the demand for qualified workers. Employers can tap into new talent to help move their business forward with less financial risk. Furthermore, job seekers reduce barriers to launching their career path. It’s a win-win outcome for both.”
– Kevin Nilsen, President and CEO, ECO Canada

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