Environmental Marketing Specialist

Environmental marketing specialists work to promote environmental products, services, and programs. These specialists conduct market research and develop strategies for environmental organizations and firms. They are responsible for public relations activities such as gauging public opinion, developing partnerships with other stakeholders, and interacting within a team environment. Environmental marketing specialists also contribute greatly to product evaluation by identifying target audiences and goals, developing the project schedule and budgets, coordinating resources to implement the work plans, assessing and assuming risk management, and promoting and marketing the product.

At a Glance

Imagine you are working for an environmental products company, and are about to pitch an idea for a new green bin recycling program and ecologically friendly vehicle to 100 representatives from the City of Toronto. The recycling initiative will reduce the city’s waste by 50%. The electric garbage truck, on the other hand, will significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by a standard garbage truck.

Toronto is currently trying to change its national and international image so that it will be thought of as «Canada’s greenest city,” making this the perfect time to be marketing these large-scale programs to city representatives. In its planned transformation, the municipal government is researching which changes can be made to the city’s infrastructure and public services in order to lessen the ecological impact of its large population. It is your job to ensure that your company gets the contract to implement these environmentally friendly programs for the City of Toronto.

During your presentation on the benefits and costs of the green bin recycling program and electric vehicle, you are confident and persuasive. You must demonstrate that these programs are the best way to serve the city’s environmental needs.

As an environmental marketing specialist, you have to be flexible and enjoy interacting with many different kinds of people. You work in a competitive environment, which requires you to stay motivated so you can succeed in your job and outperform rival companies.

Presentations and public speaking make up only one aspect of your job. Environmental marketing specialists must also evaluate the products their company produces and make decisions about which products and services to promote in the future.

Job Duties

Duties vary significantly from job to job, but the following list includes typical job duties one might encounter as an environmental marketing specialist:

  • Develop marketing plans that include strategies for pricing, distribution, advertising, sales, and promotion
  • Determine marketing objectives, evaluate products or programs against these objectives, and prepare progress reports
  • Gather market intelligence information to be used in strategic planning
  • Plan and manage project budgets and resources
  • Provide customer service and oversee public relations activities
  • Review marketing plans to ensure that they support other organizational goals such as product development and human resources
  • Select suppliers and coordinate the purchasing of goods and services

Work Environment

Environmental marketing specialists work in a variety of locations, including, but not limited to:

In the office:

  • Data collection, compilation, and analysis
  • Develop project/ program proposals
  • Develop project schedule and budgets
  • Coordinate resources to implement work plans

In the field:

  • Engage with the public in surveys and opinion polls
  • Develop partnerships with stakeholders
  • Deliver presentations to target audiences

Where to Work

  • Market research and advertising firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Manufacturing, retail, and wholesale firms
  • Non-governmental and non-profit organizations
  • Federal, provincial/territorial, regional, and civic government
  • Self employed as a freelance consultant

Education and Skills

In most cases, the minimum education requirement to work as an environmental marketing specialist is a university undergraduate degree. The following post secondary programs are most applicable to a career in this field:

  • Business administration
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Public relations
  • General science

For some positions, a technical diploma in marketing may be acceptable if accompanied by relevant experience. A post graduate degree may be required for positions that deal with specific types of environmental products or services.

If you are a high school student considering a career as an environmental marketing specialist, you should have a strong interest in:

  • English
  • Computer science
  • Mathematics

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