Michael Agbeti

It was while he was pursuing his undergraduate degree in his native Ghana that Dr. Michael Agbeti became interested in limnology, which is the study of freshwater systems such as lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. A limnology professor encouraged Michael to consider completing an honour’s undergraduate thesis in the field. "The professor left a lasting impression on me…and that’s how I became interested in freshwater biology and eventually limnology.”

Almost 30 years later, Michael is now the president of his own consulting company, Bio Limno Research & Consulting in Halifax. He spends much of his time working in the lab looking through a microscope. "I basically identify and enumerate algae and zooplankton.” The water samples Michael analyzes are shipped to him from a variety of clients, including environmental consulting companies and national or international government agencies. Michael’s responsibilities also include compiling reports, filling out paperwork and overseeing the day-to-day operation of his company. But Michael admits that he prefers his time spent behind the microscope. "I would be happy if I could just spend all of my time in the lab.”

After all these years, Michael is still passionate about his profession. He enjoys looking at a lake and thinking "it appears to be clean and unpolluted to the naked eye, but it may not be so when you examine the water microscopically.” He’s also passionate about the future of limnology. "The potential for limnologists is unlimited considering the ongoing water quality problems caused by human activities, which are prevalent worldwide.”