Lifelong Learning for Environmental Students

Students Who Adopt Lifelong Learning Gain an Advantage


Lifelong Learning Benefits

As a student, we know it is difficult to be planning further learning, but our menu of live and on-demand options allow you to develop the skills that matter most to employers.

Sometimes it is not enough to have graduated from a reputable post-secondary program. Employers want job candidates to have both foundational technical training, as well as essential soft skills that can support their business moving forward.

From technical writing to Indigenous relations, we cover a wide range of subject matters that can help you develop the skills and knowledge that matter most:

Expand Your Knowledge Base

Live Learning

Short learning options to fit easily into your academic schedule including:

Virtual Environmental
Career Fair

This is your chance to meet and interact with Environmental Employers across Canada and discover what opportunities await. Every year we host a virtual career fair that provides a fantastic interactive online experience, access to industry leaders and valuable career building resources.

Best of all, this event is free for students and job seekers!

On-Demand Learning

Gain access to our collection of pre-recorded webinars and courses on a range of environmental workforce learning topics to learn at your own pace.

Explore a wide array of subject matter, from career preparedness best practices to technical trends and skill development.

We thank our funders with the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills for their support in helping us develop these courses.

Environmental Professional in-Training
(EPt) Student

If you are in your final year of post-secondary school, EPt student is available to help solidify your school to work transition. It will provide you with immediate access to important resources to launch your career, including:

Free job search toolkit: access to professional cover letter and resume templates, job seeker tips, and networking events

Free access to business training: get trained on essential soft skills that employers demand

Fast-track your credibility: upgrade to practicing EPt status upon graduation and showcase environmental leadership

Prioritize lifelong learning with an extensive range of professional development training for environmental students.