Memberships & Designations for New Practitioners in the Environmental Sector​

Begin your career journey with the only nationally recognized professional environmental designation​

Members of the Environmental Professional (EP) designation are the leaders in our constantly evolving environmental sector. EP members are recognized for their specializations and expertise, receive up-to-date resources, and adopt a continuous improvement mindset to stay on top of the latest industry trends.

EPt Designation

Environmental Professionals in-training (EPt) designation is more than a credential. As a new practitioner, it is an opportunity to build your professional network, gain mentorship from established EPs, and hone the skills required to accelerate your career.

If you answered yes to one of those questions, then EPt might be right for you.

EPt Designation points your career in the right direction.


ECO+ Pro Membership

If you are not ready to apply for a formal professional designation, this resource-based membership is a great way to expand your environmental knowledge and learn more about working in the sector.

Expand your learning toolbox by accessing up-to-date industry trends, opportunities to meet industry peers, and professional development events.

ECO+ PRO is designed for everyone involved or interested in environmental practice. It gives access to industry insights, savings on online training & webinars, and opportunity to participate in professional & industry networking events.