Trauma-Informed Practice: Building Awareness and Resilience

This online workshop explores strategies organizations can use to become more trauma-informed, extending beyond individual projects to cultivate a culture of improved awareness and sensitivity at all levels within the organization.

Speaker: Somia Sadiq, EP, MNRM, RPP
Founder | Narratives Inc.

With ancestral roots in post-colonial Punjab and Kashmir, Somia brings a strong drive to decolonize our ways of thinking, knowing, and being. Somia is a Certified Environmental Professional (EP) and a Registered Professional Planner (RPP), specializing in Impact Assessment, Community Engagement, and Conflict Transformation. An experienced negotiator in multicultural settings, Somia’s practice reflects deep understanding of psychosocial barriers to reconciliation, role of individual and group identity, trauma, Framing, and Othering to the nature of relationships between groups.

Somia is the founder of Narratives and a non-profit called Kahanee that leans on storywork for peacebuilding. Somia has authored and led campaigns on trauma-informed practice, identity and belonging, and has delivered multiple keynotes, talks, and podcasts on these topics. Somia currently advises Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change on implementation of the Impact Assessment Act, 2019, through the Minister’s Advisory Council.
Speaker: Desiree Theriault, BEnvD., MLArch
Partner| Narratives Inc.

Desirée Thériault is a Partner and Senior Designer at Narratives Inc. As a Métis designer, Desiree's professional journey is deeply rooted in trauma-informed experiences, combining Indigenous social, cultural, and spiritual resurgence with a profound commitment to environmental vitality. Her expertise revolves around the intersections of trauma-informed design, Indigenous cultural reclamation, and ecological stewardship.

Desiree is recognized for her work through resilient place-making, ecological assessments, representation, and the pursuit of spatial justice. Desiree's transformative approach is centered on the role of landscape architecture in responding to gender-based violence and social recovery, where she collaborated closely with MMIWG2S families to dismantle colonial spatial practices within Winnipeg. Desiree is a leader with the JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) initiative, chairing the Reconciliation Advisory Committee with the Canadian Society of Landscape Architecture, and actively participating in the Indigenous Planning + Design Students Association and the inaugural Indigenous Data Sovereignty Collective. Desiree is known for her passionate advocacy for trauma-informed practices, with a significant impact through her leadership and support in developing multiple campaigns dedicated to fostering resilience and healing through her work.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify Different Types of Trauma: Participants will gain insights into recognizing various forms of trauma, both in others and within themselves.
  2. Responding to Trauma: Attendees will learn how to acknowledge, react, and respond appropriately to trauma experienced by individuals, both in the moment and during interactions with affected stakeholders.
  3. Managing Secondary Trauma: Strategies for managing secondary trauma, both in immediate situations and over the longer term, will be explored to promote personal resilience and well-being.
  4. Building Stronger Relationships: Techniques will be provided to help develop stronger relationships with project/community/stakeholder participants who have experienced trauma, fostering trust and understanding.
  5. Anxiety Management: Attendees will learn how to effectively manage anxiety related to hearing about trauma, enabling them to engage more effectively in their roles.
  6. Understanding the Impact of Trauma: Through case studies and discussions, participants will deepen their understanding of how trauma impacts individuals and influences their engagement in processes

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