EP Member Maintenance​

Stay up to date with the rapidly evolving environmental industry and your EP membership​

Because the environmental sector changes rapidly, we ask our environmental professionals to stay up to date with relevant advances, news, education, and skills.

To maintain your commitment to competency standards as an EP, you are required to complete professional development activities and submit your membership fees on an annual basis.

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Professional Development Activities

As an EP, you must maintain a high level of knowledge and skill in our evolving industry. By participating in continuing education, industry events, volunteer activities, and thought leadership you can gain expertise and competencies expected in your profession.

To maintain your EP membership, you must complete 15 professional development credits annually, in at least three categories, and six employment credits.

We have five distinct categories of Professional Development:

For further information about maintaining your EP designation, please refer to your Member Guide which is accessible through your ECO Account.

Lifelong Learning

We provide many resources for EP members throughout the year, which makes fulfilling your annual professional development activities easy.

Visit our Lifelong Learning page to learn more, including how you can participate in upcoming live and on-demand events.

Outstanding Fees Policy​

If payment is not received within 30 days of its due date, a penalty fee of $100 will be charged. You would no longer be considered in good standing and you would be temporarily removed from the membership roster until payment is received.

This status will be lifted, and the member’s name will be placed back on the roster once payment is received.

If it has been more than 60 days and you still have outstanding fees, your account will be permanently removed, and you will have to either appeal and pay to be reinstated or apply as a new applicant if the lapsed period exceeds 3 years.

Go to your member account login to check the status of your membership and PD credits.

Annual Membership Fees​

Members are required to pay a $230 renewal fee by April every year.

All payments can be made via member account login on our website. We send reminder emails to all members in February and March each year.

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