Funding your Growing Business While Growing Careers

If your business is focused on professional, scientific, and technical services, you’re operating in one of the areas seeing the highest employment growth. Learn how to benefit from funding for further growth.
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Canada is home to 1.2 million small businesses, representing 98% of all businesses in Canada. 

If your business is focused on professional, scientific, and technical services, you’re operating in one of the areas seeing the highest employment growth. Small businesses with between 1-and 99 employees account for 99% of business in this sector.

When your business expands, you’re faced with new challenges and must evaluate and navigate areas of business that may be unfamiliar. 

  • How do you grow your business without impacting your cash flow? 
  • How will you hire new staff to keep up with the demand for your products or services?
  • Can you still dedicate the time you need to run your business while spending time hiring, onboarding and training the staff you need to meet demand?

Growing Pains

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re likely not a stranger to working long hours and carrying a heavy workload. 

Building a team that can drive your business growth in the right direction takes time and effort, but there’s good news – supports are available to help you achieve the growth you want and to take some of the strain off your corporate demands.

Finding Relief

If you’ve hit a growth phase but finances are a constraint, wage funding programs are a fantastic way to leverage salary dollars without carrying overhead costs. 

Funding for new hires is available through our Employment Programs supported by the Government of Canada. Depending on the program, eligible employers can receive up to 100% of salaries for hiring young workers, students, or recent graduates specializing in STEM, natural resources, and digital innovation, focusing on the environment or sustainability. 

In turn, using the funding to create a new job opportunity gives youth a chance to gain valuable experience and skills learned on the job. 

Our CEO, Kevin Nilsen, says this ensures that “companies have great workers, individuals have great careers, society benefits and the environment benefits. It is a win-win all around”.  

We are a relatively young, rapidly growing organization, and we are constantly working to increase our capacity in order to keep up with demand. The internship program aligns with our core values and ultimately helped us to grow faster by enabling us to hire a new team member sooner rather than later. – KAMBO Energy Solutions

Hear from other employers who used employment program funding to grow their teams.

Accessing employment funding to hire co-op students or interns for placements up to 12 months in length has been made easier than ever. If you have a job description, a training plan, or even a specific candidate in mind, your application should only take around 20 minutes. 

Finding Time to Find the Right Team

Earlier, we mentioned that many businesses face challenges when it comes to finding the right candidates. 

It may be that the hiring pool is not what you’d hoped for or that you don’t have a dedicated HR team to handle the hiring process. Advertising and finding candidates can take a lot of time and effort, which you’d probably prefer to spend elsewhere on your business. 

When you know it’s time to hire, but you have limited resources, why not reach out to the pros? Likewise, a seasoned HR professional can be invaluable in helping you find the right people for the right job because it’s their specialty. 

Our mission is to build the world’s leading environmental workforce. We offer support for developing your workforce and have an experienced team of professionals that can find recruiting solutions that attract, onboard and train new staff. 

If you’re using wage funding, you can access job posting resources like our industry-leading job board and resume bank of qualified candidates, access to discounted training for interns or students and more.

Planting Seeds for Future Growth

We mentioned how hiring young workers using available funding is a win-win situation. You’re staffing up and bringing young workers who have the latest innovation knowledge to the table. 

Our employment programs help ensure you can tap into a pool of talented youth with new ideas and skills and support the growth of qualified environmental workers who care about creating a sustainable future. 

Head over to our employer resource pages to learn more about how you can leverage funding opportunities and view more information about each available program. 

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