Roadshow: Water Technologies Symposium 2017

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One of the stops on our ECO Canada Roadshow was ESAA’s WaterTech at the Banff Springs Hotel from April 3-5. WaterTech brings together environmental professionals and academics from across Canada to showcase the latest research, innovation, and projects related to water technologies.

Our ECO team was at our booth to answer questions about how we support environmental professionals through our programs and services.

When not manning the ECO booth, our Roadshow team took in some of the key sessions of the symposium. ECO’s Chairman of the Board, Faramarz Bogzaran, gave an outstanding presentation on the Impact of Poor Project Management on the Consulting Industry Business as part of a stream “Your Business Beyond the Field”.

The presentation focused on key skills that all environmental project managers and planners should have and impacts to business (including financial and legal).

Another great session was on Arsenic and Alberta’s Groundwater: The Where and the Why by Jon Fennell of Integrated Sustainability. The session highlighted a mapping initiative that explored where potential sources of arsenic in Alberta’s groundwater supply could be. Although the sources are deemed to be naturally occurring from bedrock formations, the model is useful for identifying areas where concentrations may be found.

It was interesting to meet environmental professionals, including many ECO Canada Certified Environmental Professionals (EPs), and to find out the breadth of knowledge within the industry. From academics and environmental managers to consultants who are almost always out in the field, many aspects of their work involve the study and management of our water resources.

At ECO, we’re proud to provide recognition for work in Water Quality through our Environmental Professional Certification for industry across Canada. Water Quality is one of our 14 specializations based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for environmental work.

Click to learn more about certification and gain recognition for your work in Water Quality. Let us know in the comments if your environmental work includes the management of water resources.

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