Wanted: experienced environmental project managers

Are you an experienced professional with great leadership skills and a desire for continual professional development? You may be the ideal candidate for a career in Environmental Project Management.


Post by: Jennifer Schultz, ECO Canada

Interested in a career as an Environmental Project Manager? You’re not alone. According to ECO Canada’s latest research, Environmental Project Managers are one of the top careers in high demand across multiple environmental sectors.

Ideal candidates for this career are experienced professionals with great leadership skills and a desire for continual professional development. Sound like you? Learn what makes a successful environmental project manager and where you can find these jobs in Canada.

What makes a Successful Environmental Project Manager?

Successful environmental project managers have a broad understanding of environmental issues combined with expertise in project development and management.

Great project managers are able to complete projects on time and within budget. Especially in the environmental industry, they must also be great communicators in both written and verbal communication to the project stakeholders including clients, subcontractors and staff.

At least 70% of Environmental Project Manager job ads request management experience.

Where is Environmental Project Management Jobs?

Environmental Project Manager job openings in Canada are in the Sustainability sub-sector (33%), followed by Health & Safety (16%) and then Natural Resource Management (13%).

Environmental Project Management has 3 career paths:

  1. Environmental Consulting Project Managers: provide environmental protection services in waste management, site assessment, air quality, water quality, and other areas.
  2. Green Construction & Urban Design Project Managers: Lead activities inland or urban planning, infrastructure design, and construction.
  3. Resource Extraction, Energy & Manufacturing Project Managers: Oversee environmental health and safety activities, as well as other environmental protection tasks.

Who Hires Environmental Project Managers?

You may have noticed that in any given week, there are typically a number of Project Manager job postings on the ECO Job Board. You’ll also notice that Environmental Project Managers work for a number of different organizations including:
  • Federal, provincial, and municipal government departments
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Private sector companies such as manufacturing, forestry, oil and gas, and mining companies
  • Not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations

Your Next Steps

Thinking of a career as an Environmental Project Manager? Take these next steps:
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