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With the broad array of environmental jobs arising in the labour market, it can be difficult for post-secondary environmental programs to remain aligned to the changing needs of the sector and keep up with the skills employers seek from graduates. It is time to stand out this upcoming academic year and overcome these challenges with national recognition with our accreditation program.

From universities, colleges, polytechnics and more, we are passionate about progressing the education of your students. With our accreditation program, we accredit a variety of environmental programs, including but not limited to, certificates, degrees and diplomas etc.

Accreditation provides formal validation of your program’s commitment to high-quality education, accountability, and public trust. The program curriculum is critically analyzed against national occupational standards to ensure it meets environmental industry needs. Program auditors provide valuable feedback to ensure programs are career-driven and demonstrate a culture of continuous improvement.

The responses from students and faculty among various accredited programs across the nation speak highly to the value of our accreditation program provides. Accreditation ensures educational excellence that provides an easier transition for graduates between post-secondary education and the workforce. As a result, students demonstrate an increase in confidence levels as curriculums better reflect the needed qualifications for the workforce.

Accreditation is the independent, third-party evaluation of Post-secondary programs against recognized standards, conveying formal demonstration that the program aligns with Occupational Standards and has a quality management system to continually enhance the program outcomes.

-ECO Canada

In addition to curriculum validation, we support students and faculty of accredited programs with a number of professional development and promotional resources. These include access to technical and soft skill webinars, discounts on our training courses, customized research reports, program marketing support, and more!

We’ve also recently expanded our accreditation program internationally and we’re pleased to announce the Bachelor of Environmental Health Management Program at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is the first international program to receive Interim Accreditation Status. International Program Accreditation allows programs to gain Canadian recognition and contribute to the development of qualified environmental professionals worldwide.

“As the only ECO Canada accredited environmental program in the Middle East, CUD’s BSc in Environmental Health Management not only meets the requirements of International Standards, but also aligns well with the Environmental Occupational Standards and Industry requirements. During the accreditation review, we felt the program outcomes are consistent with the labour market needs and the program does an excellent job in preparing students for meaningful employment in the environmental sector.”

– Yogendra Chaudry, Vice President of ECO Canada at

The environmental job sector is broad and the demand for qualified workers in a variety of occupations is growing rapidly worldwide. Despite these opportunities, it can still be difficult to land a job without the proper knowledge, skills and experience. Our accreditation program can ensure that your students obtain the needed skills and knowledge to have a competitive edge in the job market. As job qualifications are not static and change accordingly to the transforming job market, we will verify that your program remains up-to-date and relevant as we work collaboratively on an ongoing basis.

Now’s the time to get a head start and accredit your program to accelerate the success of your students!

See the full list of our post-secondary accredited programs and find out more about the accreditation process.

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