Enroll in An Accredited
Post-Secondary Program

Fast Track Your Environmental Career By Enrolling in
an Accredited Program

Gain the skill required to succeed in the environmental industry and stand out from your peers in a competitive job market

Forecasts show that over 50,000 new jobs will be created in Canada over the next decade and our environmental program accreditation initiative aligns academic institutions with the current industry needs of this booming sector.

As a student in an accredited program, you will not only learn the skills you need to jump directly into the workforce upon graduation, but you will also own a resume that gets you noticed in this competitive job market.

We work closely with industry and academic partners, to make sure these programs keep pace with everchanging tends and skills employers expect from graduates. By completing an academic program, you will have the knowledge and skills to make an impact.

Accreditation facilitates your future career success

To launch a successful career within the environmental sector, you must meet and exceed employers’ demand for essential transferable skills and sound foundational technical skills.

Our Accreditation helps bridge your transition from school to the workforce, by:

As a student in our Accredited programs, you will demonstrate an awareness of environmental industry needs that gives employers confidence you have the knowledge they need to succeed in an environmental job.

We have partnered with 23 universities and colleges across Canada, which offer 34 accredited post-secondary programs. As a student in one of our 34 accredited programs you will gain access to:

Get a Step Ahead

Stay Proactive About Your Future

As an added benefit to students from all environmental programs across Canada, we are unlocking access to the Environmental Professional in-training designation (EPt) while you are still in school with a new designation called EPt Student.

To become certified, students must have a recognized Canadian college diploma or University degree, or equivalent international credentials.

When you become EPt certified, you will work toward improving skills and building experience. As you progress in your career, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to our EP designation and identify your area of specialization.