ECO Canada Is Searching for Research & Analytical Consultants

ECO Canada is seeking the services of a Research & Analytical Consultant(s) to plan and conduct quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and report writing for short-term labour market information studies funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program between October 2018 and November 2020.

Background and Objectives

The environmental employment sector is broad. ECO Canada divides it into 13 sub-sector areas of practice with a 14th sub-sector area of practice being the “environmental manager” who pulls it all together.

The 13 sub-sectors are as diverse as Air Quality specialists, Fisheries and Wildlife specialists and Communications professionals, for example. The consequence is that it is difficult to establish the precise validity of employment forecasts for the entire environmental employment sector as the range of possible drivers which influence future demand and supply is so broad. ECO will therefore supplement its basic statistical data and macro-economic forecasts with tailor-made sub-sector studies, each one designed to drill down into a specific environmental employment area in order to develop the most valid possible sub-sector-based profiles including workforce projections.

Depending on costs and market needs, ECO Canada proposes to conduct three to four (3-4) more sub-sector studies, following the release of its EA sector profile report in October.
The estimated total value of work among project(s), and among selected consultant(s) during the timeline outlined will be approximately $120,000 plus GST. As other related project work is identified, this amount may be adjusted.

Consultant Activities

The following list mentions some of the activities that may be required once a consultant is selected for one or more sub-sector profiling work. For more details, see the full Request for Qualifications document.

  • In collaboration with ECO Canada’s research team, develop a work plan and schedule to ensure timely delivery of outputs and achievement of research objectives
  • Conduct research and analysis
  • Prepare and provide draft and final copies of the research report/sub-sector profiles, presentations and raw data
  • Maintain a detailed record of all stakeholder participation during the study/project and provide records to ECO Canada’s Research team and more specifically to the appointed Project Lead
  • Participate in regular status meetings with and submit progress reports to ECO Canada
  • In collaboration with the ECO Canada Research team, participate in project reviews to evaluate successes and areas for improvement

Expressions of interest and/or questions from potential candidates are requested by 11:59 p.m. MST on September 20, 2018. Please email these to with the following subject line: RFQ Research & Analytical Consultants.
Please note RFQ responses are due by 11:59 p.m. MST on October 4, 2018. Kindly email an electronic copy of your official submission including company name and RFQ Research & Analytical Consultants in the subject line to:
Read the full Request for Qualifications document to learn about requirements, evaluation criteria, selection process and timelines.

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