New study finds environmental health and safety a top employment area in Canada

Canada’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) sector is a top employment area according to the latest study by ECO Canada.

August 2014

Canada’s Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) sector is a top employment area according to the latest study by ECO (Environmental Careers Organization) Canada. The Careers in Environmental Health and Safety study found EHS careers are in strong demand, involve a variety of occupations and skills, and result in higher wages for practitioners who have at least a year of experience.

Key findings of the research include:

  • Over 667,000 Canadian workers apply EHS skills and 79,400 work in core EHS occupations.
  • More than half of EHS employers (58 per cent) report that they expect their staffing levels to increase in the next two years (2013-2015) and the remainder of employers expect to maintain current staff levels. No employers reported expectations to reduce their number of EHS staff in the future.
  • The top EHS employers spanned a range of different industries, including Public Administration (25 per cent of EHS employers), Professional, Scientific & Technical Services, Mining, Oil & Gas Extraction, Administrative Support, Waste Management & Remediation, and Utilities.
  • Certifications and professional designations are important credentials for EHS careers, supporting career growth and mobility.
  • The range of salaries paid is broad. Approximately 15 per cent of occupational hygienists earn less than $70,000 per year, over 48 per cent of workers earn more than $100,000, and over 15 per cent earn more than $120,000.

“There’s a bright future ahead for EHS professionals, with research indicating strong demand for EHS jobs and skills,” said Michael Kerford, President, ECO Canada. “As many industries adopt increasingly stringent regulations for Occupational Health and Safety, environmental protection, and public health, the need for EHS workers will only continue to grow.”

See the full results of the Careers in Environmental Health and Safety including career pathways, training requirements and salary earnings.

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