Nominate for the 2024 Community Impact Award winner!

It’s time to nominate the 2024 Community Impact Award winner!

This award recognizes individuals, groups, and communities that consistently demonstrate their dedication to Canada’s environmental growth and make a positive impact on the environmental workforce through their actions. This award is open to individuals, teams, or organizations to shine a spotlight on projects with a positive environmental impact completed within the last 18 months.


Want to understand the Community Impact Award better?

Check out last year’s winner, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society. Their project, Sikome Beaver Coexistence Project, was an impactful measure in place to protect Fish Creek Provincial Park and everything that comes with it. Trails, wildlife habitats, and of course the beavers are all conserved under this stewardship program. It had been over two years since the Province of Alberta’s Watershed Restoration and Resiliency Program (WRRP) accepted their application to fund the first Beaver Coexistence Project in Fish Creek, and they’re continuing to foster coexistence with our furry friends across the Fish Creek Valley.

This initiative aimed to alleviate pathway flooding in an area where beaver activity was causing severe pathway flooding and damage, while protecting the animals and their habitat so they can thrive and be the ecosystem engineers, water filtration experts and landscape artists that they are.

Watch their nomination video here!


Know someone or an organization who is making an environmental impact? Nominate them!


Award Nomination Criteria:

This award category is open to individuals, teams or organizations to shine a spotlight on community-minded projects with an environmental impact that they have been working on over the last 18 months or have been completed.

Rules surrounding nominations:

  • Must not be nominated in the Top Employer category.
  • The project must have been completed within the last 18 months or in progress toward completion.
  • Employees of nominated organizations/groups are not allowed to vote.


All nominations must include the following:

  • Submission/Project Name
  • A project summary (750 words max) that includes the following:
    • Bio of the person(s)/organization/group submitting the nomination
    • Details of how the nomination aligns with ECO Canada’s values of being a steward for the Canadian environmental workforce across all industries and promoting and driving responsible, sustainable economic growth while also ensuring that environmental care and best practice is a priority
    • Details on the nomination’s environmental community impact (feel-good projects that have an environmental benefit)
    • Date of the project (timeline and/or date of completion)
    • A 3-5-minute video detailing the community impact and/or environmental contribution.


Hurry! Nominations close November 15th. Click here to nominate.

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